Thank you all for the congrats on LM graduating out of ece and feeding therapy.

We have been kinda busy lately.

Hubs dad had a stroke on Thursday night. He was already unstable before so this isn’t good. He is in the ICU right now with possible pneumonia coming. He hasn’t been able to move one side of his body, but recently he has some jerking movements on that side. He isn’t able to talk, but he is able to follow simple commands like give the thumbs up sign if you want to lie down. So that’s something.  I hope that he will continue to get better.

Hubs had been going up to see him (about an hour and some drive) a lot since Thursday so there has been a lot of just LM and me time and there will be for the for seeable future. My parents came for a visit this past weekend which was nice. I feel so bad for hubs that his dad is probably gonna be in a nursing home for the rest of the time. It really makes me appreciate what I have now and the people around me. I appreciate you guys too. Thank you for reading and giving me your support and comments.

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  1. I am so sorry to hear about your FIL’s stroke! I hope that he improves! Big hugs to you and your family!!!

  2. I’m sorry to hear about your Father in law. I hope he’s doing better now and recovering well. I’m so happy to hear about LM!! I know for me it’s hard when my husband is away. Especially at night when usually I have time to myself to do things like this, but I know the older my little guy gets the more he treasures spending alone time getting all of my attention. Baby #2 just started feeding therapy in the hospital. It’s been so very helpful for him and his situation. LM gives us inspiration!

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