Sippy cup saga

So since that last entry LM has not had another bottle. He has not been happy about it but we have stuck to it. He does so well with them at daycare. I have two sippies that are the exact one they use in daycare and then four others sippies that I found at babies r us that have the same holes at the top and the same parts but they are a little bigger and a little heavier.  He does reasonably well during the day, especially at a meal where he is already eating. Sometimes he still refuses when I know he is hungry. The worst part is mornings. He is still sleepy and just wants his bottle to guzzle down. He throws fits when I give him his cup. We need to work up to it and let him wake up, by singing songs and reading a lot of books. That is a lot of work up at 6am.  I hope he gets used to it soon. He doesn’t usually have a full breakfast just his bottle and then an am snack two hours later. He is never hugely hungry in the morning. One thought I had was to just replace that sippie cup with yogurt, but hubs is worried about him getting in enough liquid during the day.

Solid wise he is doing well. Yesterday he had his own dinner at 5:30pm – a Gerber meal of pasta, ground beef, and veggies. It was the first time he ate most of it. Then we had dinner around 7ish and we got pizza. They messed up my order and just gave me a plain cheese pizza. LM wanted to try it so I broke off a small piece. He loved it and ended up eating two small pieces without crust in addition to his first dinner! He really likes pizza!

So we will keep going with the bottles and hopefully each day will get better. Anyone have any suggestions?

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  1. Carli

    Carder frequently went on drinking strikes when he was just a little guy. One of our tricks was to give him yogurt due to the high water content. If you want to give him a yogurt in the mornings, I would think it would only help with the fluid intake.

  2. FCblacksheep

    I was beginning to think we’d never get rid of the bottles. Floyd wanted nothing to do with milk in a sippy cup. Water was OK, but milk had to be in a bottle. We could get her to do a few sips here and there but not a whole lot at once and then I found this cup (a NUK silicone spout 10 oz, in case the link doesn’t work)
    We are now 100% off bottles. She loves this thing. I feel guilty because it’s so similar to a bottle but it works and it’s not a nipple. Good luck!

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