15 months

LM is 15 months. I can’t believe it. We have been through a lot in the last year or so but we are doing pretty well these days.

He had his well visit yesterday. The doc was looking for him to be able to do the minimum on things. On most things he could do so much more. It was the first well visit where I wasn’t stressed and didn’t go in with a page of questions.

He is walking, says about ten words, knows where his nose is, and his favorite song is the Itsy bitsy spider. He will do a little of the hand movements and say Issy bizzy. It is really cute. He has a lot more energy and needs to play on the playground and get the energy out or he will get into things and cause trouble. Exerting more energy means he is eating more which is great and he is eating/trying more table foods. He has eight teeth (four on top and bottom) with two molars and one more molar almost breaking through. Teething molars are awful!

He eats real food better when someone sits down and eats with him and models it. Otherwise he just wants his favorite gerber cheese puffs or puffs. He does well with starches and protein. There are a small number of veggies he likes (sweet potatoes and mushrooms) but not many fruits. I am going to try making them a different way this weekend and see if he likes it. He is almost completly on a sippy cup at daycare. We still give bottles at home (the first and last meal) and when he is sleepy or just starving. He has come a long way though.

They changed the growth chart they were plotting him on and with that one he is around 20 something percentile for weight at 21.3 pounds. He is following a curve and his dr said that might just be his curve. That makes me feel better as well. We have stopped forcing/stressing at meal times and I think things are calmer which is great.

We also just survived three days on our own while hubs was out of town. Things went pretty well, but boy do I need a nap.

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  1. so glad to hear the appt went well! I bet that is a huge relief. And yes, molars are the worst. We’re working on the second set here x 4 and it is no fun!!

  2. Yay for LM!! It sounds like you’ve turned a great corner with the eating stuff too. I’ll take your word on the molars. Hoping Bee is in his teens when they come. And wow. That’s a lot of time without your husband around. Good for you for making it! I always have a hard time with that.

  3. That sounds like a great update all around, especially the part about stressing less at meal time! It’s so much more enjoyable that way!

  4. This sounds great! You guys are right on target with so many things! Way to go LM – and his amazing mama!!!

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