So my friend from college is getting married and asked me to be the maid of honor. She lives a bunch of states away and I have only losely kept in touch with her. While I am honored I am sorta uneasy about it.

As you guys know I work and have LM. I also am not a huge party animal and don’t really drink. As the MOH she wants me to plan the bachelorette party and help with some other things as it gets closer. I am trying to reach out to a few of her friends who live near by (I don’t know the area or anything) but getting a stripper and drinking all night just isn’t my idea of fun. I am doing the best I can with planning because she is my friend and this is her wedding, but my head just isn’t into it like it could be. Doesn’t help I am also going out of state for a few days for work a week or two right before the wedding. Anyone have any suggestions? I have created a board on pinterest which I hope will be helpful.

Part of me just wishes we could just show up and enjoy and not have to do all this other planning. I have trouble saying no and I feel bad because she doesn’t have that many close girl friends though I don’t either, but thats another story.

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  1. Do you know for sure she wants a stripper and drinking all night? Some people are cool with spa days or fun dinners or a cooking class or something. Where you can incorporate wine and drinks but not necessarily clubbing all night, etc. There are plenty of alternatives to a “traditional” bachelorette party if she is open to them!

    • That was my thought so I e-mailed her to see if she wanted to go to a cool restaurant or to do a social activity. She e-mailed back and she was interested in drinking and just letting loose. She is the one who brought up the stripper.

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  2. Grrr…. that is no fun. Hopefully the local bridesmaids can help you figure something out that will make everyone happy. Do you know enough about them to know if this will be something they enjoy or will they just be enduring it for the bride?

    • I have never talked to them before so no idea. Interesting point though. I should ask the other girl I have been talking to what sort of thing she thinks might be cool.

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  3. And it really depends on where they are located. There might be a happy medium where you can go for drinking and fun but that there are fun things to do for the people that want something more than just getting drunk. I’m pretty sure that’s how so many bachelorette parties end up being at drag queen revues! There’s a show AND booze. 😉

  4. Ugh. I would definitely see if you could get some of the local friends involved. Good luck – I would hate to be in that position!!!

  5. I have a good friend who had a MOH from out of state. The MOH just came in for the rehearsal dinner and actual wedding. Those of us that are local handled the other usual MOH duties including the party and shower. Is there a way you could lessen your involvement and just be there as a honor to her at the actual wedding? I would think that she would understand a lessened commitment from you? At the very least I’d send a group email out to the other gals and nicely delegate tasks.

    Good luck. This is such a tricky spot to be in.

    • I wish it could be like that for me. The way my friend worded it was “and of course you will be in charge of planning the bachelorette party, as long as as you don’t mind” Ohy… I don’t know the other girls at all that are local. I don’t even think there are that many that are local. One is her sister in law and I don’t know how close they are – I’m thinking on friendly terms and the sister in law’s sister, but for some reason the sister in law said to wait on including her in the planning? I have no idea why. My friend gave me another name to include in the planning but I don’t think she is local either. I facebook messaged her and haven’t heard anything back yet. But yes, I will be delegating as much as I can. I just don’t know how much will actually get done if I don’t set some stuff up.

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