Monday was the start to LM’s first full week in his new class. He was supposed to have half to full days there thursday an friday last week, but I kept him home because he was having constipation and molars at the same time. Not fun.

So today is his second full day and he is having a hard time. Yesterday I put his purees in the wrong place so his teacher ended up trying to feed him all of them in ONE MEAL so he ended up throwing up because he was too tired to say no. Hopefully today will go better with that.

They said he spent most of his time just hanging back and watching the other kids who mostly are older than him by 4 months or so. This morning he cried when I left which brought tears to my eyes. I know he will be so much better by the end of the week (I really hope he is) but sitting at my desk thinking of him being sad is hard.

I called this morning and they said this morning is already a little better. His favorite part of the day is going out on the playground. It is a big step from going from more of a baby room when you can be on whatever schedule you want to being in an older class, everyone doing the same thing with morning and afternoon snacks provided. We are also working harder on a new sippy cup that may be easier in the long run but we will see. So much change.

Everyone send good thoughts that the transition gets easier and easier and those dang molars come in already.

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  1. Oh sweetie, I know it’s hard leaving your little guy when he’s have a hard time transitioning. It will get better, I’m sure of it. Going out on the playground – how wonderful! Thinking of you and LM!!!

  2. Oh transitions are so incredibly hard. I’ll be thinking of you two and hoping that each day brings a bit more comfort for both.

  3. Transitions always bring a bump or two, but it sounds like LM is adapting already! I hope it continues to get better and he thrives in the “big-boy” room!

  4. FCblacksheep

    Sending all the positive vibes I can. LM will be great. Crying when you leave is the absolute pits. Wishing you all the best!

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