This past weekend was kinda yucky. We were trying to figure out the thickener for LM’s bottles and it was stressing us out. When I get stressed I get short tempered. Because of this, most of the weekend through monday was spent bickering with my husband. Neither of us enjoyed it.

We finally talked and made up last night. What we realized is that I do alot – take care of LM first thing in the morning (I get up at 5am week days) and in the afternoons, put together all his meals, work 30 hours a week, interface with all his teachers/therapists, and do most of the planning. When something stresses me out I don’t have an outlet to de-stress.

I mostly just sit on the internet and read blogs/twitter and watch tv. I don’t have many friends nearby. I need somewhere to channel my stress instead of at my husband. I was walking, but I mainly do it on my lunch break because I am tired when I get home. I am not athletic or crafty. Maybe I just need to write more about my feelings in here than just stuff about LM. Anyone have any good ideas to de-stress and give me an outlet of my own?

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  1. Sounds like you’ve got a lot on your plate. I understand the need for finding an outlet, it’s so important. When I have found myself in similar situations, I try to find things that I really enjoy doing (for me: knitting, gardening, cooking, writing) and try to learn some new aspect of it. For instance, I’ll find a recipe that is really challenging and I’ll make it until I master it. Or I’ll try growing a new plant. Hopefully that makes sense. Good luck on your journey!

  2. I understand what you are saying. It’s really hard. I joined a book club that I found out about at the library. It has provided me something to look forward to and I always go even if I haven’t read everything that should have been. After doing this I’m a strong advocate for some alone time. I know I’d go crazy without it. I know at our library they have all sorts of adult groups so if reading isn’t your thing they might have something else that you’d like. Hopefully you can find something like that and meet some new people.

  3. FCblacksheep

    Oh man, I so wish we lived closer together. It would be awesome to organize some kind of girls outing. I too am trying to find a good outlet. I like the idea of the book club, doing yoga and stretching at night helps me (of course, I don’t do it as much as I’d like). I’ve decided I need to start hanging out with some of my friends. I’ve pretty much ignored them for the past year and it’s about time I get out a little. Is there anyone you can meet up with for lunch once a month or a walk or something?

    And why are you waking at 5 a.m.? Do you work super early? Is LM getting up then? For me, waking up that early puts me in a bad mood. Maybe you can find a way to sleep in a little?

    • That would be awesome if we lived closer. I would love to hang out and be friends in real life. Are you reading any books at the moment? I started the Help when I had jury duty sometime this summer, but haven’t picked it up again since that day lol. LM has fallen in love with going outside and playing on playgrounds so hopefully since we will probably be outside more and more as he gets older I will meet some people and do more things outside that way.

      LOL I am waking up at 5am for a couple of reasons. One LM tends to take an hour drinking his bottles so if I leave the house around 7 I budgedted him an hour to drink (starting the bottle at 6). Though these days he drinks what he wants and that’s about it. Sometimes he will drink more at the end of the hour. He also takes prevacid in the morning and that has to be 20-30 minutes before his bottle or an hour after he eats so we give him the prevacid first thing in the morning as he doesn’t eat first thing when he wakes up most of the time anyways. It also takes me an hour to get both of us dressed/make breakfast/eat breakfast/get both of our stuff ready and watch him when my husband isn’t watching him. My hubby does a pretty good job helping most mornings so I can do some stuff in the morning but wake times are staggered. So I get up at 5am, lay in bed a little, make his bottles/lunch, and whatever else I didn’t the night before and wake him up by 5:30-5:40. Hubby gets up around 6:20. These days since he has transitioned into his new classroom he is exhausted by the end of the day so he has been going to bed later and waking up earlier. He has been up at 5am the past few days. It doesn’t help that he has molars coming in. On weekends he sleeps till 6:30 sometimes. At least we get to take naps on the weekend.

      Phew that was a long drawn out answer to your question 😉

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