Thickener bust

Our GI recomended Nestle resource thicken up clear to thicken LM’s bottle. We tried using it a few different ways (full strength, half strength, different times sitting) and in the end we have given up on it. The bottle is fine when we make it, but when we want to use it a couple hours later it has thickened up too much so that he can’t drink it. Has anyone had similar issues? Back to oatmeal we go

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  1. We used oatmeal or rice. We did briefly use DuoCal because Sophie needed the extra calories (does thicken it up, too), but we switched to heavy cream after a bit.

    • Yea we are back to oatmeal. He was on duocal for a month though we put it in his solids. He seemed to do well, but it wasn’t covered by insurance. Did it really thicken up the bottles that much? That’s an interesting thought. Hmm, I haven’t heard of heavy cream in bottles. How did that work out for you guys? Do you thicken any of their drinks now?

  2. We had better luck with oatmeal too, but we hardly ever made ahead of time.

    • I find it interesting that you didn’t make bottles ahead of time, but you still had better luck with oatmeal. I guess we are on the right path. I have to make his bottles ahead of time for daycare unfortunately. I make his bottles at 5:30am and then he gets them at 8,11, and 2:30pm. So you can imagine what the 2:30pm bottle was like with the thickener!

      What is the name of the neocate thickener? I want to research that a little and see what I come up with. Did it work well for you?

  3. ….Also NEOCATE brand has a thickener. I have an unopened container I’d be happy to send if you want to try it out.

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