Tonight LM came up to me and signed the word for milk.  I said ok, took his hand, and we walked over to the refrigerator.  I put him in his seat and gave it to him.  He drank a little and then acted like he was done.  I put my hand out for him to give me his cup and he gave it to me and said thank you!  I am loving this boost of communication.  I hope he continues to tell me when he’s thirsty because that would de-stress my life a little.

His GI called me tonight.  I really like her.  She got the results of his barium swallow and I guess saw the note for his pediatrician that I needed a note for daycare about him being on pediasure. She asked how he was doing and I was telling her that I am having trouble being sure I am thickening the right amount and how the dr. brown’s bottles and nipples clog easily.  She said that she is going to talk to the nutrition department to see what sort of thickener I can use that will make things easier for us and the bottles/nipples.  I think this is awesome.  His speech language pathologist told us the results and that we should thicken to nectar consistency, but didn’t give us a lot of direction. I feel like she is talking to another department and is going to figure things out for me.  She wants him to continue gaining weight as well and maybe we will get some information from them. I am interested to see how much he weighs at his well child check up next week.  Hubs was just saying last night that he thinks that LM has put on at least a little bit of weight.  For now his GI said we need to figure out the whole thickening thing and see how he does and if he gains more weight.  After that we will see if he needs the scope test.

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  1. Wow, sounds like the GI is a great doctor! I hope you find some answers to all of this soon. It must be frustrating.

  2. I’m so glad you have a doc that you like and trust. This is huge! I hope you guys can figure all this stuff out soon. I’m sure this must be hard, not knowing if your little guy is getting enough. Very cool that he’s communicating so well! I can’t wait!!!

  3. Sounds like a great doctor you’ve got there! I hope LM is gaining weight and you’ve got this figured out!

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