We had his modified barium swallow on thursday.  I was nervous about it, even though I knew it was a pretty easy test.  I wasn’t sure how he would do not eating for 4 hours before while being in daycare and if he would eat the stuff.  It didn’t help that I got a nasty cold the whole week.  At the beginning he did very well because he was starving.  The stuff looked nasty and I was glad I didn’t have to do the test.  Our SLP was pretty sure we wouldn’t find anything, but we actually did.  They found out he has been having laryngeal penetration – no aspiration.  Though that test is just a snapshot so we don’t know for sure.  Basically with thin liquids sometimes (I think they said he did it after a bunch of swallows) the liquid goes to the opening of his vocal cords.  It doesn’t go past them and into his lungs, but they said that makes him at risk for aspiration and we have to thicken his bottles to make sure he doesn’t. She tried giving him some thickened barium to see what he would do, but at that point he had had it and wouldn’t drink anymore. She was surprised, but when I mentioned that he had bronchiolitis three times she wasn’t surprised.  She said that doing this can lead to more sickness! I felt like I got an aha! I know he’s in daycare so I know he will get sick more, but this also increases the amount he gets sick! Finally an answer to something.

So we have been thickening his bottles a little – 1/4 teaspoon per ounce so 1.25 teaspoons in a 5 ounce bottle.  We were thickening before but we were doing 1 teaspoon per 2 ounces in a 7 ounce bottle because before he was eating every four hours.  So far (we have only been doing it about a day) he seems to be eating better. He drinks more before he bats the bottle away and when he is really hungry he chugs it down. Maybe before it was too much formula in one setting or too much thickening? Maybe the increased prevacid is helping or he’s doing better because he’s older now? I dunno.  Either way so far so good.  I hope it continues.

He is also doing better with his eating of solid foods. I try to give him something at his 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th bottles (he gets six feedings) and he gags so much less and his chew is getting better.  Practice makes perfect.  His SLP is very impressed and says he is making quick progress.  This is good because we got news that he is finally moving up to the toddler class!  He starts visiting the week of October 1st and moves up for good the next week.  I hope he does well there.  I think he is ready except for his feeding and not being off his bottles yet.  However, our SLP gave me a recommendation of a sippy cup to try so I’m going to see how he does.  Though last night he did really well with a smaller version of what they use at daycare. We will meet with his new teacher next week to have a parent/teacher conference.

His vocabulary is starting to take off.  He can say mama, dada, kitty, no, hi, and done.  I swear I heard him say thank you a few times, but I’m not 100% sure.  I was feeding him this morning in his chair and he signed bye bye to me. I assumed he was saying he was done and wanted out of his chair.  I offered him one more bite to see if he would eat it and instead he waved his hand in my face and told me Done!! I was amazed.  I love that he is starting to be able to communicate with me.

Today we took him to the playground and he loved it. He crawled around in the mulch and got a big smile when we pushed him in the swing.  The thing he loved the most though was the slide.  I was surprised he liked it so much since I think of him as being so little still. he kept crawling up it and then sliding himself down.  It was very cute.

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  1. I’m so glad they found something because it always helps to get an explanation and ah ha moment. It helps to have information and be on the right path instead of guessing about everything. I’m glad the test went okay.

    • It sure is nice to have an answer to something. Now we are working on thickening the appropriate amount. Hopefully his SLP will approve on thursday.

  2. That sounds like good news with an easy “solution” that you’ve already been able to implement! I hope he continues to improve.

    Also sounds like you’ve got a chatterbox on your hands! What fun that is!!

    • I hope things continue to improve as well. I am amazed still every time he says something I can understand 😉

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