Sorry. I got bad about updating again. I feel like I’ve been running around a lot and haven’t updated.  I wish it was easier to update on my cell phone.  What’s new?

  • LM had a virus last week which made him not want to eat for a whole week and was waking up multiple times a night.  There was one night when hub’s was out of town and I got 3-4 hours of sleep, had to work a day of work, and then the in-laws came over and “helped”.  Not fun.  We are finally coming off that.
  • We have a modified barium swallow scheduled in about a week or so where LM eats stuff and they can tell if there is any anatomical issues.  His SLP doesn’t think they will find anything.
  • LM has declared he wants only table food.   He gets majorly fussy when we try to offer him puree.  He is gagging a lot less which is great, but he doesn’t always eat much table food.  So we are still working on finding soft table foods that he will eat and actually swallow enough of to get some calories from it.  It stresses me out worrying if he is getting enough calories, but he is doing a lot better.  The pediasure helps.  So far he likes french toast sticks, cheese sticks, veggie straws, banana, biscotti, baked beans, meatballs (from italian wedding soup) and english muffins.
  • We have a walker! LM started walking at 13 months.  I am so happy that he reached a gross motor milestone actually a little early on the spectrum.  He can take about 8 steps or so before he falls down on his hands or butt.  His PT is mega happy.  He is on once a month now for PT.
  • I took him to his first swim class this past thursday. At first he wasn’t sure what was happening, but he quickly warmed up to it.  He loved laying on his back and kicking his legs and when I raised him up in the air and then plopped him back in the water.  There were big smiles and cooing.
  • I’ve kinda fallen off the wagon for weight loss. I’m still trying to eat well, but I’m not exercising as much and putting as much effort into it.  Need to get back into it.
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  1. Glad to hear about LM’s eating! Way to go, LM! When Pres got to the ‘table food only’ stage, she ate a lot of those foods, too. She also loved lima beans and avocado (if it was a little too slick for her to pick up, I rolled it in a few cracker crumbs to give it some substance…same with banana slices). Maybe LM will like them, too! Good luck!

  2. This all sounds good for LM! Plus hitting the walking milestone early is awesome. The barium test shouldn’t cause LM much discomfort at all. We did this early on with our little guy. I think it was the first serious test they did after the GERD diagnosis. It is where they found his “flap” problem. All in all though it’s not going to bother him. The biggest challenge will be getting him to drink the stuff. It doesn’t taste bad it’s just thicker than formula. It will be easier if he will still take a bottle.

    Good luck. Will be thinking of you guys! Way to go LM!!!

    PS a little PB on those bananas or french toast sticks might be worth a try.

    • This is the first real test that we have done with LM. His pediatrician always said he had reflux, but we never did any tests to confirm it or look inside. What is his flap problem? What does that involve? Are there symptoms? He is still on a bottle so I guess that’s one good thing about him still being on it lol. We are still working on sippy cups, but he is still working on the tilt it up part to get the liquid.

      The peanut butter thing sounds like a good idea, but don’t you have to wait a certain amount of time before you can give it to kids?

      • We waited until 1 year to introduce peanut butter, and with all of his other food allergies I was nervous, but it was totally fine. Don’t try chunky though.

        Bee is nearly 17 months and still takes one bottle at night. We gave up on the traditional sippy for the same reasons and moved to these: http://www.amazon.com/Philips-AVENT-Natural-Drinking-1-Pack/dp/B006GYLL8Y/ref=sr_1_19?m=ATVPDKIKX0DER&s=baby-products&ie=UTF8&qid=1347804178&sr=1-19&keywords=avent,
        and also bendy straws in plastic cups.

        Bee’s flap problem evolves the pyloric valve that you’ll see on your barium test. His wasn’t fully formed. So he doesn’t have a true barrier when it comes to the reflux coming back up. They will certainly check for that. And you’ll get to see a reflux event on screen. Probably for him the biggest deal will be laying still on the xray table. Bee was only a few months old when we did this so that part was easier. Because of this flap issue he will need surgery eventually. It’s a big deal surgery so we have decided to keep him on high dose reflux meds and repeat the barium to see if any growth has occurred naturally. My feeling is as of now none has because there hasn’t been a decrease in the reflux and we need to constantly increase when he gains any kind of weight.

        You might also ask your doctor about Neocate Jr. I’d be happy to send you a can that we have if you wanted to try it first.

  3. Good to get an update from you! And so glad that LM liked the swim classes! Sofi is also a big fish, but she HATES being on her back. Funny how they’re so different!

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