Hello all.  I am the only one awake in the house and everyone else is asleep.  I get to go into work a little late today because I am meeting LM’s feeding therapist this morning for a little regrouping this morning.  I talked to her a day ago on the phone and she gave me some suggestions to try as well as just wanting to get together and talk about progress.  One suggestion she gave me was to try not putting in any rice/oatmeal in his bottle since the pediasure is kinda thick on it’s own.  The bottle before we tried it he had barely ate anything since he was having OT and he was mega teething and was upset.  So the next bottle he was HUNGRY.  He ended up eating 4oz from the bottle, 4oz of solids, and then he started grumping again 15minutes later so I offered more food and he ate another 4oz of solids! That is the most he has ever eaten.  So yesterday all his bottles have had no rice/oatmeal and he has done really well with eating a bit more, eating faster, and being less cranky.  However, he got really cranky yesterday afternoon.  I was worried that dropping the thickening would make his reflux really bad, but we really weren’t thickening that much in the first place (2 teaspoons oatmeal and one teaspoon rice per a 5oz bottle).  However, I gave him some tylenol and some time to wake up and he finally stopped grumping.  So I think it was just the tooth that is trying to decide if it’s going to come in.  I saw the tip of it the other day, but I think it went back in his gum.  So *fingers crossed* for todays session*

Her second suggestion was to let him sleep as long as he wants and then if your out of time to feed him let daycare do it.  Maybe he just isn’t hungry in the morning.  She said that sitting there trying to get him to eat for an hour in the morning is not good.  I agree.  So we will see how this morning goes.  I’m just nervous on when to give him the prevacid since you  have to give it to him on an empty stomach or I think an hour after he eats, and I have always planned time so that I have time to give him prevacid, wait 30 minutes, and then he has an hour to eat (where most of it was him fussing and avoiding the bottle).  I don’t have a lot of time if he all of a sudden decides he is hungry so I’m a little nervous.  How do you guys give prevacid?  One last thing on eating lol – We defrosted some beef stew for dinner last night.  I gave LM some carrots from it because they were soft and had the good flavor on them.  He put them in his mouth and was sucking on them, which was great.  As he kept sucking on them they would fall down his front lol.

I have been using my fitnesspal app as I mentioned earlier and walking and today my total weight loss is 5.2 pounds!!! Woo hoo.  I actually lost 1.4 pounds in just a day! Yes, I’m bad and I get on the scale almost every day.  Yes, it’s hard to see it fluctuate, but I find that if I see a big jump up I tend to work harder with exercising to make it go back down.  I hope the weekend (when we tend to eat out more and more unhealthy things) doesn’t mess things up too much.  I have noticed that I have been losing some inches and that my clothes do fit better.  I’ve still got a while to go, but it’s pretty exciting!

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  1. Congrats on the weight loss! That’s awesome!

    I think that there may be something to the idea that LM may just not be hungry in the morning. It takes me a long time most mornings before the idea of food is palatable (which was a challenge when I was dealing with GD). I may be up at 6 or 7am, but I won’t eat until closer to 9.

    I hope that he is able to continue making good progress with his eating, even with having to make changes to the schedule.

  2. Wow – great job on losing the weight and walking! I struggle with not getting on the scale too. I’m trying to do it just once per week, but every morning it calls my name!!! 🙂

    That would be awesome if you could let LM sleep a little more and not do the whole routine in the morning. I hope this goes better for both of you!!!

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