So we survived round two of hand foot and mouth.  Thankfully it wasn’t as bad as last time.  He didn’t have a high fever and while he barely ate any liquids he would eat his solids after a day or so.  So he was getting some nutrition.  He also would drink some formula instead of all pedialyte like last time.  I had taken friday off to go to my parents which didn’t happen.  He was out on monday too (hub’s stayed home, he has more time off) and he was back to daycare on tuesday.  Last time he was out the entire week, but this time it started towards the end of the week instead of at the end of the weekend.  I really really hope we are done with it.  I know there are a couple of strains of it, but can you get the same strain of it again? I really hope not.

I feel like LM is really starting to become more toddler like.  He is getting into everything, testing his boundaries, and has ALOT of energy.  I’m trying to be a fun mom and have fun with him and teach him/expose him to new things.  However, there are some times when I wish he would just sit still and be calm and quit fussing when I try to do something.  He has now become a wiggle worm during diaper changes.  He tries to flip and turn himself over so that he is bare bottomed and sitting up crouched on one end of the changing table.  I think I need to get a few toys for only when he gets his diaper changed.  Right now we are using his balloons from his first birthday party.  I got them at the dollar store and they are just now starting to lose some air.  Pretty good for $1

Since LM is into everything and he is still working on his balance he falls a great bit.  Today he fell twice and bumped his head. I am still a nervous nelly when he falls and bumps something.  I talked to his doc about it and she said to be careful if he loses consciousness, doesn’t cry, or throws up.  However, I keep thinking about that one celebrity that hit her head somehow (was it skiing?) and then later died.  I doubt anything like that will happen to LM, but we keep a close eye on him after he falls.

We bought LM his first pair of shoes today.  I think they are pretty cute.  We got them because his PT said that he has low muscle tone, is pronating, and needs some ankle support.  She thinks that the shoes will help make his feet do the right thing and hopefully that will lead to walking.  Every once in a while I will see him let go for a split second as he sorta falls onto something else or he will stretch his leg and arm out to reach the next thing.  I think he just needs the confidence.  I’m not sure what he thinks of his shoes.  We have had them on him twice and he has tried to pull them off.  Maybe he just has to get used to them. I hope they help.

LM has a thing with glowing circles.  There is a blue glowing circle on our dvr that he crawls up to, pulls up, sticks his fingers on it and just stares at it.  Hub’s computer upstairs has something similar on the power button.  If your not careful, he will crawl in the computer room right up to the computer and push the button which turns off hub’s computer.  I didn’t realize what he was doing at first and I have to admit it made me giggle.

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  1. So glad to hear that your LM is on the mend. And shoes really do help with the walking thing. We put shoes on Ginny when she was trying to take her first steps and it seemed to help give her a solid foundation.

    And welcome to the wonderful world of toddlers! It’s an adventure.

    • I tried responding on my phone but I don’t think that went well. So let me try again.

      Thanks for your welcome into toddlerhood. I’m sure it’s going to be a wild ride. How did you get Ginny to keep her shoes on? Did she like them?

      • We didn’t have an issue with her keeping her shoes on so long as she was moving, which was often. 🙂 If she sat still for more than a few minutes, she was trying to take them off (still does). We avoided velcro closures with her first couple pairs of shoes, as she had already figured out how that worked. Laces double knotted slowed her down a bit. Hope that helps.

  2. Sorry – just catching up. I HATE diaper changes too!!! Alex just flips right over and crawls away. I don’t know if this is a good thing, but I’m getting better at putting her diaper on while she sits up. Just sit her on the open diaper, and bring up the sides and latch them. Kind of like underwear! And yes, toys are key…

    • Ooh I have to try putting his diaper on like that while he’s sitting up. I learned one cool trick from daycare. Give her a wipe to play with. He holds it and “wipes his hands” as much as he can and is more focused on that then turning over.

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