So the reason LM was so fussy recently? Hand foot and mouth again! GAH! I can’t believe he got it again three months later.  This time around is at least a tiny bit milder, but he was up every couple of hours last night and isn’t eating much.

I am hoping we are in day 3 as I saw the first spots tuesday afternoon and he didn’t sleep well wednesday an started being fussy while eating on wednesday. This means by the time the new week starts we should be near the end I hope.

We aren’t going to my parents, but they are coming up to give us a little help. That will be helpful if we have another night like last night.

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  1. Ugh… I’m so sorry. I hope he gets better quickly!

  2. Oh no! What bad luck!! I hope he’s on the mend and you can enjoy your weekend even with the change of plans!

  3. Wow! It seems like you guys never get a break with this stuff. Poor LM! Glad you are getting some help with your parents coming. I hope it ends soon.

  4. Oh no! I can’t believe he got that again! Hope he feels better real soon!

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