Quick updates

Since we are supposed to see my parents this weekend and I still hadn’t talked to my mother I was feeling weird.  I decided to write her an email laying out my feelings so I didn’t have to get all emotional with her (I was putting off calling her because of this a little) and I could be logical.  It ended up being really long, but she liked it.  She emailed back and said she was giving me space and not mad and that my email was the most thought, helpful, and communicative emails I have sent her.  I still haven’t talked to her on the phone yet, but I probably will tomorrow.

LM has been major fussy during his feedings lately, with more straining with constipation, more gas, and starting to not eat as much during some feedings.  Today it dawned on me that he might be having a reaction to the pediasure.  It’s probably hard going from alimentum formula to pediasure with milk in it.  I called the nurse line and she wasn’t much help.  I was already doing most of what she suggested and she said that I should talk to his regular doctor to get answers on what to change.  I put in an email to her tonight and hopefully I will get a response back tomorrow sometime.  Anyone have any experience with having some issues with switching to regular milk?  What did you end up doing?

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  1. I’m glad that your mom was open to your email and is at least attempting to understand your feelings. It’s a good step.

    I’m sorry that I can’t provide any insights on LM’s eating issues. I hope you find something that works soon.

    • Thanks on both fronts. I did e-mail his pediatrician last night so hopefully she will respond back soon.

  2. Im glad that you “talked” to your mom. It sounds like you made some good progress with her. Enjoy your time with your parents!

    • Thanks! Hopefully it will be drama free 😉

  3. So glad you emailed your mom and explained your feelings! I bet your visit will go very well because of this. Hope you get an answer about switching to milk!

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