I have a bunch of thoughts running through my head…

  • It’s about to storm here.  It’s getting dark and I hear thunder.  I hope it’s a good one
  • LM has had some major constipation issues recently. He finally pooped today, but I’m not convinced it’s over.  He’s still grunting a lot.  I’m wondering if the pediasure has anything to do with it.  When our supply is lower I’m going to ask about switching to pediasure with fiber.  We gave him prune puree two days in a row and he still didn’t poop. We finally broke out the apple juice and that did it.  I think I’m going to give him a water/apple juice mixture every day and hopefully that will help.
  • I’ve been trying to be healthy again.  I have started walking during my lunch break at work.  Where I work is really big so from one end to the other is about a mile. I walk about 20 minutes and then grab my lunch and go back up to my desk. I walked four times this past week including yesterday when I walked in the heat.  It was way too hot.
  • I also started using myfitnesspal app again and convinced hubs to join too and be my friend.  Anyone else use that app? Using it was an eye opener in realizing how many calories some things I eat have in them. I’m going to try this week to be good.  Yesterday was my first day ever making it below the calorie allotment for the day so yea for me!  Today we ate at Red Robin with hubs parents though and I went way over.  I guess today will be my cheat day lol.
  • LM has been teething like crazy. I feel like he’s been teething for a couple of weeks in a row. He now has four top teeth and three bottom teeth.  Hubs thought he saw some bumps in the back (meaning molars), but I couldn’t see anything.  This also probably explains why LM has kept waking up a few times a night for a while.
  • I don’t want it to be monday yet. I’d like another day to sleep/relax please.
  • I got kinda annoyed at my BIL today. He was asking about LM’s eating. He really has no idea about child development so I shouldn’t get mad at him, but I guess I was tired/hungry and I’m already sensitive about his eating so he got some grumpiness from me.  He was saying that once LM gets his teeth he will be able to eat real food. I was like that’s not the issue. So then he asks when is he going to make his next developmental leap with eating and I was like when he is able too he’s in feeding therapy because if you try to feed him something with lumps or texture he will throw up.  After that he stopped asking.
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  1. Dawn

    I lost about 25 pounds using that app. I love it!

  2. Good for you for being healthy by walking and tracking your calories! I definitely find that if I write it down, my food intake is MUCH less!

    Sorry about your BIL. Sounds like he doesn’t get it. Amazing how teeth really have nothing to do with eating, huh? Hang in there!

    • Thanks! It’s amazing how many calories some stuff I eat has. I have actually even begun to lose a little weight!

      It is amazing how little teeth have to do with eating. Crazy. We are hanging. He actually ate 15 puffs yesterday sitting with his buddies!

  3. I joined mfp buy never stuck with it. I think Josey at My Cheap Version of Therapy uses it and I saw that Heather over at the Road Less Traveled just joined as qell. Good luck!!

    • I will have to go check them out. It is hard to stick with, especially with such a low calorie amount that your not used too. I was having headaches the first couple of days from my bcps that made it even harder. However, now that I have been doing it for three days I have actualy already lost some weight 😉

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