Currently LM is in the second classroom in his daycare.  He started as a baby in the first one and moved up when he was around 7 months.  He is now approaching the age where kids move up to the next classroom which is a classroom that has a lot more structure.  The kids are on a set schedule of eating/sleeping/activities, they go outside, and the center provides two snacks that are real food.  Currently LM is the oldest in his classroom.  However, one little girl is moving up ahead of him and there will be others that move up ahead of him before he ever gets to the next classroom.

They are keeping him in his current classroom partly because of his therapies.  At first it was because he was behind in his gross motor skills.  Now he is moving and crawling/creeping, and getting into everything.  Now it is because he has trouble with eating, they want him mostly off bottles and onto a sippy cup, and they want him more on the new classrooms schedule.  I know I can’t rush the eating and it may take a while for him to get over his gagging, but it doesn’t stop me from wishing he could eat like the other kids.  He is actually getting a lot better on the sippy cup. He will bring it to his mouth, get it in his mouth, and hold it.  He just has to work on tilting it so he actually gets something to drink and consistently holding it in the right direction. Right now he will get a couple sips before he moves onto something more interesting.  Right now he is all about gross motor skills.

The schedule is a whole different thing.  Right now I get him up at 5:30 and give him his prevacid, he eats at 6, 10 and 2 at daycare, 6, and then a bottle before he falls asleep at 8:30ish.  His new classroom will have a morning snack at 8am which makes me not really sure what to do with his first bottle. I doubt he will be hungry two hours later, but maybe as he gets older he will.  They then have lunch from 11-12 which is three hours after snack.  Currently he eats every four hours.  He is used to it and I like it because I am not a slave to the bottle.  He takes an hour to eat and if we move back to every three again I’m not going to like it.  But as he gets better with eating hopefully that will get better too.  Then they have a scheduled nap time from 12-2:30pm.  I normally pick him up around 3pm now and he falls asleep in the car and sleeps till 5ish because he doesn’t nap well in daycare with all the noise.  So this new schedule means that when I pick him up he will have just woken up and I will lose my nap time/quiet time with him.  I know as he gets older he will eventually drop that nap anyways, but ugh. I don’t like it. I guess it will be an adjustment for both of us. There is another snack after nap time.

His teachers have said they are going to work with him to slowly adjust his times so that he can be ready for the new classroom. They are going to move up his first bottle by 15minutes each week so that it won’t be a lot of change all at once. This is reasonable.  However, back to my original point for this entry.  I feel sad that other kids are moving up to this new classroom ahead of him.  I know he is not ready to eating wise/drinking wise/schedule wise and that may take a while for him to master these things, but I can’t help but be a little bothered by it.  I know he is in the right classroom right now because I don’t want him to get stressed out and not be able to do all the things the older kids are doing and I want him to master the things he needs to before moving on, but it still sits in my mind and irks me.  I don’t want him to be left behind.  I know that they will all end up in the same classroom eventually anyways a bit down the road, but right now this is what I’m having trouble with.  I need to just let go and let LM keep progressing and tell my brain to shut up, but sometimes that is easier said then done.

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  1. It’s totally reasonable that you don’t like that other children in LM’s classroom are moving ahead. I know I wouldn’t like it either. And I get that it’s likely a matter of resources (not having the staff to work with him while he stays with his age group), but I wonder if being with his classmates might not help him equally to having the therapies?

    Forgive me for asking, but I can’t recall… who prescribed LM’s therapy structure? His teachers? Phyical/occupational therapists? Are they in communication with each other? Does the prescribing professional know that the teachers are planning on changing LM’s schedule?

    No matter what the details of the situation are, I feel for you. Changing any little one’s schedule is not for the faint of heart…

    • Hmm, I never thought of it in a resources point of view. The price does go down when he hits that classroom because they can have more kids per less teachers. That is probably one reason. Watching other kids does help. He sits at the snack table currently with other kids who do eat well and watches and babbles with them.

      His therapy structure is set up by the actual therapists and their schedule and they try not to have more than one therapy on a day, but it does happen with people changing their schedule. I have a person who is my case manager I guess who I can talk to about administrative stuff, but I don’t know if he has one. His OT is actually the head person who is in charge of all of the therapists everyhere which is pretty cool and I’m sure she tells people what to do on certain aspects. I’m not sure how much they talk to each other about particular children. They must in some degree. Maybe I will email her and talk to her about it.

  2. FCblacksheep

    It totally get this. With Floyd having development issues, I always get worried about her falling behind.

    I find the transitions in your daycare interesting. At Floyd’s daycare, they are all in the same room until they are 1 and then they go to a transition room. There are two kids in her class who I think are being delayed on moving because they’re not walking yet. They did mention when she gets to the next room, they’ll provide the food so I suppose the kids need to be able to eat what’s provided.

    I agree with the above comment. Are his therapists aware of the change in schedule? I know with Floyd, they were pretty stringent when we were working on eating.

    I know it’s difficult when you see other kids moving forward, but the important thing to keep remembering is, he’s continuing to progress. It might not be at the same rate as the others, but it’s a forward motion, and he’ll get there. Hey, when they’re teenagers they’ll all be equally snarky and no one will remember who went to which room first. 🙂

    • LOL Your right. They will all end up snarky teenagers at some point. Thanks for the laugh. Hopefully he won’t be too snarky 😉

      I think that is really cool that your daycare has a transition room. I wish they had that here. As LM has been in his current room I have noticed them working with the older kids, but I never really thought about what exactly they were doing until now. The nap time change never looked fun. LM isn’t walking yet so I guess he would get delayed there, but I don’t think they have to be walking here.

      His OT is the boss of all the therapists so I may email her and talk to her about it.

      Thanks 🙂

  3. I just wanted to tell you I understand. Bee didn’t eat food until 12 months and it always bothered me with all of the remarks and comparison others would give him. In fact he still does 2 bottles a day. He isn’t ready to give them up and at least I know he’s getting some constant nutrition each day. It’s hard when putting him on a chart next to others but try to remember he’s going to get there eventually at his own pace and he will bea happier baby for it. My little guy proves this true every day. Good luck with all of this!

    • Thanks for your note! It’s amazing that after I wrote this entry how many others have said that their little one had some sort of eating issue as well. It makes me feel better. You are right. I just have to let him do what he needs to do on his own pace and soon enough he will be in the same classroom with everyone. I just need to keep reminding msyelf of that.

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