Last night I decided to stop taking my bcps. I was only on day two, which I felt kinda bad about.  I got another stomach ache/cramping thing yesterday snd I hadn’t eaten anything that woukd bug me. It might hsve just been my pills shutting af off but ugh. Ive also been getting headaches recently too, but I can’t say for sure it was the bcps since I think I got them on my placebo week too.

I talked to hubs about it and he said it was my body so my choice, but that I should call the doc and talk to them about getting something else.

Today is my first day off an I feel pretty good besides waking up at 4:30 am with a charlie horse. It might also be because I got two nights of pretty good sleep. It will be interesting to see if I get a headache or stomach ache today.

Part of me is hesitant to call. I am probably due for a pap, bleh. Part of me wonders how I would do drug free, but knowing my body my cycles an everything will get messed up. I called this morning but it was too early. I wonder if I will put it off again.

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  1. I hate BCPs and will never ever go back on them. I find it frustrating the docs push them at you so much. Have you ever considered natural family planning? Mind you if you’re cycles are all out of whack that would likely not be reliable. I hope you find a good non-hormonal option!

  2. I wonder if you’re having a stomach reaction to the pills being in your stomach or the hormones… Back when I still tried to avoid pregnancy (HA!) I used the Nuvaring. It’s a plastic ring that you put in your vagina for 3 weeks, and then pull it out. It delivers hormones from the ring. Sounds weird, but I loved it. I didn’t have to remember to take it every day, and I truly couldn’t feel it. Or you can do the depo provera shot once per 3 months… I would talk to the doc and see what they suggest. Good luck!

    • I’m thinking it’s the hormones, but I’m not 100% I know that when af is near I get cramps and that sets off my ibs and makes everything worse. I don’t think I could do anything I had to insert. I’d be afraid that it would fall out and I have enough issues with a pap. I do remember talking about a patch that has a similar idea. Not sure what we will end up with.

  3. I seem to recall that you have difficulties with internal stuff, but have you considered an IUD? Some have low dose hormones, and others are without. Might it be worth it, if it meant that you didn’t have to do pills? And they last for several years…

    Whatever you decide, I hope you find a solution that works for you.

  4. I hate bc pills. I started taking them when I was a teen for acne and got horrible headaches and everything else. So I stopped and grew out of the acne on my own. Of course during our IVF I had to use them for the cycle. It sucked. All back again. But after the baby they basically forced them down my throat even though the obvious. So I took the mini pill. It was less obtrusive but still I hated to take it. I agree the IUD is a super good option if you are looking more for family planning type things, but if it’s more for regulation purposes I’d see what else they can offer you. It might also be be worth taking a a month or two off and see what your body does on it’s own. Good luck to you!

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