My no good very bad afternoon

LM had a great day today in that he had a great OT session where he put his own spoon in his mouth, is starting to get the hang of the sippy cup, and sat at the snack table with two other friends and babbled and ate puffs together.  I am so proud.

However, it kind of went downhill after that.  What happened?

  • I started my birth control pills after aunt flo on sunday.  I really need to change the pill I’m on as it gives me stomach issues and makes me feel crappy once I come back on them after a week off.  Anyways, I had something for lunch that sometimes bothers my stomach a tiny bit. But since my stomach was already irritated with the pills it bothered me a lot.  I was alone with LM and had to scoop him up and bring him in the bathroom with me.  No fun, but he was really good.  My stomach is still not quite right.
  • I went to the grocery store today so that LM didn’t get a nap this afternoon. I should start going home and letting him have an hour nap and then waking him up to go to the grocery store. However, if I had done that I would have had my stomach issues in the grocery store. Glad that didn’t happen.
  • I decided that since LM was doing so well I wanted to try making him some sweet potato. I peeled and cubed the sweet potato into small pieces and then microwaved it according to the net’s directions – 5minutes and they burned.  I tried microwaving for two minutes and they sorta burned.  I tried doing it for one minute and they didn’t cook right.  I tried putting them in one of LM’s tupperwear thingies with water and I burned a hole through the bottom of it and left a mark on the microwave plate. Gah.  I said s this and I will try steaming it some other time.
  • Since LM was doing so well with puffs I tried giving him a yogurt melt.  I should have tried giving it to him in smaller pieces.  He ended up gagging and threw up all over his high chair tray.  At least it wasn’t all over the seat, that thing is a pain to clean. Sometimes I wonder if I should just feed him in his bumbo chair since I can just wipe it down and there are no layers.  I cleaned him up and put him in his third outfit of the afternoon (first change he had a little pee on him) and tried to wrangle him all by myself.

After that it went ok. I fed him his solids – 4oz of pinneaple pear puree and 7oz of formula.  After that he fell asleep and I got to breathe a sigh of relief.  Hubs came home soon after and took over.  Thank goodness.

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  1. YES to feeding in the Bumbo. 🙂 Or if you can, just take the cover off of the high chair. That’s what we ended up doing. It was ugly, I guess, but was one less thing for this busy mama to clean, so I decided I could put up with a little ugly, lol. ;p

    Glad to hear of all of LM’s successes of late. Way to go, Mama!

    • I think we have the cover off the high chair now from when we washed it from his birthday. I think I may keep it off for a while. The only thing about the bumbo chair is that we don’t have a tray so he couldn’t feed himself. I may have to invest in one though after I see if he still fits in it and will tolerate it lol. Thanks for the support 🙂

  2. I second taking the cover off the high chair. We actually got really good at recognizing the “vomit face” on Sophie and aiming her right onto her high chair tray. Then I’d just wipe her mouth and carry the tray to the sink to rinse it off. Of course, this only worked when she wasn’t puking her bottle on the couch or the carpet.

    Hang in there. I completely 100% empathize with you … I have been right where you are, and you just have to keep making him try things little by little. He will get the hang of it though.

    • I am good at notcing the vomit face on LM too, but I stupidly ran to get some wipes instead of aiming him lol. Spur of the moment thoughts. Do you keep the under part of the high chair on or just take all of the chair coverings off? I think we have a chair covering and then a plastic like chair covering thing. LOL yes, I’m using technical terms here. I don’t like our high chair that much, but it was a gift.

      Thanks so much for your comments. It’s really helpful to hear from someone who has been there. I think we are gonna keep him on his puffs for a bit and then slowly introduce something else. I think his feeding therapists is going to work on bananas on thursday.

  3. FCblacksheep

    Get a microwave steaming basket. It’s perfect. I peel the sweet potatoes and slice them up, throw some water under the basket and pop it in for 8 minutes or so until they’re soft enough. You can do carrots, zucchini, peas, apples and on and on. Then I throw them in the bullet, but a regular processor would work just fine. Super easy. Floyd also has trouble with the melts at times. We’ve had vomit incidents and she choked pretty bad the other day. Do you ever give him water? Sometimes I give Floyd a few sips while eating to keep her mouth moist and make it easier to move food. Sounds like he’s really making awesome progress though. Oh and thanks for the suggestion of pineapple. I was running out of new things to try.

    • A microwave steaming basket! I’m not sure why I didn’t think of that. We have a steamer basket for a pot that I don’t like using because I hate cleaning pots and because I never know how long to steam it for and how much water to use. I also have a baby bullet steamer I bought that does have directions but it’s kinda crappy and doesn’t always steam it to softness. Did your microwave steamer come with directions? Also, when you steam do you steam the entire thing whole/all the cubes you cut/or just the ones you want her to eat that day? I’m still figuring everything out.

      Glad to hear LM isn’t the only one who has issues with the melts. I thought it would be ok because it has the word “melt” in the title. LOL maybe we will try again later with a smaller piece of it. When I feed him his table food I tend to be at the beginning of a feedign and don’t normally give him water because he is about to eat his formula, but I may try it with a small bit of formula.

      • FCblacksheep

        Yes it came with directions but I since lost them. Mine came with a glass bowl, lid and basket. I throw some water in the bowl under the basket and then put it in the microwave for a few minutes at a time. The book with the steamer should give you specific times and water amount (I think it’s usually a tablespoon). I wing it. Just keep checking to see if it’s soft. Not very efficient. I do it all at once and then throw the rest in the fridge or freezer. It can stay in the fridge for three days and I think a month for the freezer. There are great ice cube like trays you can get at walmart. Avocados and bananas don’t require steaming so they’re my faves. Good luck!

  4. Ugh… what is it about mummy-tummy troubles and fussing wee ones? I had a doozy of an IBS flare this afternoon while Ginny was having a meltdown and Pip was just a hot mess. Glad to hear that your LM is showing some great progress. Hang in there, and remember that the good moments far outweigh the frustrating ones. 🙂

    • Thanks for this comment. I read it while LM was refusing to eat his bottle and it put me in a better mood. Sorry about your tummy troubles, they suck!

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