We are out at Red Lobster with hubs family. Hubs got soup that came with saltine crackers. He gave one to LM to hold and play with. He actually put it in his mouth and chewed and sort of ate it. Most of it went down the front of his shirt, but still! We gave him another and he did the same thing!! He did not gag either!! I am so amazed and proud!! I want to call his feeding therapist now, but I guess that will have to wait till tomorrow. We are so buying a big box of saltines!!!

Way to go LM!!!!!!!!!!!

Later on at dinner I gave him a banana cookie to see what he would do. He also put it in his mouth. He was mostly just sucking on it, but he kept putting it back in his mouth. However, some broke off and he got more in his mouth than he could handle and he threw everything up. Doh.  I should have given him something smaller like a yogurt melt or a puff or something. I was thinking along the lines of something he could hold like the saltines.  I hope him throwing up didn’t put him off continuing doing well with trying things. I’m going to send some puffs broken into smaller pieces to daycare tomorrow to see how he does. *fingers crossed*

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  1. Way to go! I bet he’ll continue to go after things he can grab a hold of and that is the beginning! How exciting

    • Definitely way to go 😉 He is really good at holding things. However, after having him throw up a few times more I have learned that he also needs something that won’t break into big pieces, doesn’t have a hard coating, and will melt really well. I think I’m going to keep him on puffs for a bit to give him a chance to get used to them, and then move onto something else similar.

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