Made it to the weekend

Thank goodness it’s the weekend. I’m ready for a break. We didn’t get much of one last weekend because of LM’s birthday party. Usually Saturday’s are my lazy day in that I stay in my pjs all day and try to get naps while maybe accomplishing a thing or two.

I’m really excited to watch the opening games of the Olympics tonight. Hub’s not so much, but I make him watch them anyways.  I still have the opening ceremony of the winter games on our dvr. Hub’s keeps bugging me to delete it. Maybe I’ll delete tonight’s after I watch it because I know I won’t be awake to watch the whole thing.

When hubs gets home I am going to give him a big hug. I read on facebook that a friend of mine and his wife are getting separated. It caught me by surprise and I’m sad for them. They have been married I think a few years longer than us and I didn’t think that they would have any issues like that.  Though I have lost touch with him over time. Still sad though.

A big group of us from went out to lunch today.  We went to a mexican place I had only been to once because when we went the other time we didn’t think it was that great. I was excited to try again, hoping that I would like it this time because I know a lot of people who like the place. I didn’t think the menu was that great.  I ordered beef tacos and what I got were good, but small.  The rest of the stuff that came with it were too spicy so I didn’t eat much of them. I ended up eating a lot of chips so I wouldn’t starve. I think I’ll probably snack soon or have a larger dinner later.

I’m also a little worried about LM. I got out of work early today (woot!) so I went over to daycare to feed him and then go home early.  When I got there his teacher said he has been very snuggly/mellow/out of sorts today.  I tried feeding him and he only took 4oz of formula and none of his yogurt. He doesn’t have a fever, but he is a tiny bit warm, but it is really hot out.  He has also been not wanting some of his solids for the past couple of days.  I’m kinda nervous of what this might turn into.  Or maybe he is just getting his one year molars? I tried googling a little about it, but it sounds like any other tooth coming in and he has a few of them right now.  Guess we will see how it ends up. *edited* Once he woke up from his nap he was more himself, so maybe he was just tired an having an off moment.

I think he has gained some weight which is good.  At his one year check up the doc had us start transitioning to pediasure instead of milk  (more calories than milk) and adding some duocal (a powdered calorie adder) to his solid foods.

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  1. Happy belated Birthday LM! We have ebbs and flows of interest in food/hunger. It seems like we still can’t set a schedule to it all. I do blame everything on teething, but it probably isn’t the problem. Is he still on reflux meds?

    Isn’t always sad when a couple you would have never thought would split up does? We’ve had that happen to a few since we’ve been married and it’s always shocking and sad.

    • He is still in reflux meds. His feeding therapist said to keep him on them until we have his eating all sorted out, which I think is a good idea. He did better with eating today but he also ran around a lot today. But yea your right, it does seem to come and go. Never is easy lol.

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