Hi all.  I’m still here.  I took a little bit of a hiatus.  Thought about things for a bit.  Went back to an old journaling site I used to blog at and found some of the people I used to read still there, but the vibe I got what I wasn’t looking for.  I decided that I just want to revamp this blog and try my best to write for me and not censor myself so much and to try to comment more.  I feel like I lost some of my readership because I suck at comments.  My problem is when I do read blogs I read on my phone. So commenting sucks.  I need to try to read on a real computer so that I can continue my relationships with you awesome people.

Ok onto the thoughts going on in my head. I’m going to do it in bullet form because it’s easier and quick

  • I want to change the title of my blog and possibly my layout. I would keep the same url.  Not sure what I would change it too
  • I want to write about other things in addition to infertility/being a mom.
  • LM is now one! He had his party last saturday and it was fun.  The only crappy thing is he woke up saturday morning with a stuffy nose and cough.
  • I need to share some pictures of his party including him covered in icing from his smash cake 😉
  • He has no fear since learning how to crawl/cruise.  He will try a lot of things past his abilities and will fall many times. I feel like I get a call from daycare at least once a day that he bumped his head. It makes me wonder what he will be like when he’s older and what sort of person he will be.
  • We have had two feeding therapy sessions and I do see a little progress. He does well when you make “cheerio dust” and put a little on his spoon of puree. but he still has a huge way to go. It makes me sad sometimes.  My MIL made a comment during his party how she never had to teach her kids to eat. I didn’t think much of it then, but it makes me kinda sad now.  Today during his bottle I actually got him to hold it himself and eat for a few minutes before we got interrupted by hub’s coming home.
  • I have a blog post in my head from the last pail post about when I want to have another child. I never posted it, but I have it written in my head. Maybe I’ll get around to writing it out.
  • LM LOVES water play.  They do it twice a week at daycare and he has been going crazy.  Climbing in the water table and sitting there the whole time and splashing. He has been trying to do the same thing in the cat’s water dishes.
  • LM isn’t walking but I feel like we are sorta close.  Today he walked with hubs for the first time while only holding onto him with one hand.

I plan to elaborate more on these bullet points in the future, but if you have any questions feel free to ask me.  An I promise I will try really hard to get back into commenting.

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  1. We had a lot of trouble with eating … we still have issues with the kids taking an actual bite out of anything except once in a while a banana or cracker and Sophie still has days where she won’t chew meat. But LM will get there. Sophie used to throw everything up all the time and then one day she just didn’t anymore. Ethan held food in his mouth constantly til it drooled out the side then overnight he was eating chicken. So have hope, even when you are in the pits of frustration! I know how you feel, but in time he will get there! *hugs*

    • I didn’t know you guys had trouble with eating too. I’m sorry you had to go through that as well, but it makes me feel not as alone. So one day she just stopped having issues? Had you been working with her up to that point and she was getting better? How old was she? Did you guys go through feeding therapy? LOL sorry for all the questions. I’m seeing signs that his feeding therapy is already helping so *fingers crossed*

  2. Great to hear from you! I would love to hear about all kinds of things, so keep up the writing! I can’t believe LM is now one. Amazing!!! Hope the eating gets better – I’m sure it will, just give it some time.

    • Thanks for the encourgement on keeping writing 😉 I will do my best. I can’t believe he is one either!

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