So we survived HFMD and another ear infection post tubes. I could tell something was going on because I could see wax building up in his ears. Having tubes makes it easier to catch it earlier. The tubes allowed him to continue eating while having the ear issue and he didn’t lose weight because of it which was a great thing.  He still has his cough though and we gave him a neb this morning. I hope the cough goes away soon and doesn’t turn into anything else.

We finally had his GI appointment today.  I was looking for a magic fix, but in the end I am basically already doing everything they told me. They liked the med he’s on, the amount, and his formula.  The only suggestions were to possibly put in more rice in his bottle (we aren’t putting that much in, but he’s already getting constipated and the bottle is getting clogged if you don’t shake it up) an to possibly try oatmeal instead of rice to help with the constipation.  They talked a lot about weaning him off reflux med’s at one year (which is about a month an a half away!) and slowly starting him on regular milk.  He has gotten better recently and I have found a feeding position he tolerates and works pretty well, but I can’t imagine taking him off his med’s.

Today he was almost 19 pounds again and 29.1 inches.  His car seat max is 30 inches. Getting close!  I still lug around his infant seat a bit because he sleeps so well in it and it’s nice to be able to put him down and assemble everything I’m carrying.  Yes, I lug around way too much.  I think the highest weight he has gotten to was a little over 19 pounds before he got sick and lost weight again. So now that we have tubes he will surpass it and finally hit 20 pounds. woo hoo.  Right now he’s wearing the bigger 6 month outfits, but mostly 6-9 and 9 month outfits.  He probably could fit into some of his 12 month outfits too now that we have washed them and they shrunk a little.

He is rolling all over the place, but no crawling yet.  He can get into the all fours position on his stomach and rock like he’s going to crawl, but nothing yet.  He LOVES to stand though. When your holding his hands he can pull up very easy, but he hasn’t quite done it on his own yet. He’s close though. He loves to pull on my pants and the sofa like he’s going too.  He’s also eating more.  Right now he gets 5 seven ounce bottles of formula – though he doesn’t always eat it all.  He then gets a stage 2 container of veg in the morning (4 oz) and a container of yogurt in the afternoon (another 4 oz).  I try to offer a fruit in the evening, but he’s usually not in the mood for solids after eating 8 oz during the day so I’m thinking I’m going to alternate fruit and veg in the morning.

One of his favorite things right now is our cat.  He loves watching him when he walks by and reaches for him when he comes close.  Once while LM was in his high chair he was reaching down to the cat and the cat actually got up on his hind legs and sniffed his finger.  LM got a huge kick out of that.  We are still working on nice touches with the kitty and not pulling bits of hair off him.  The cat is a great sport though and never scratches or anything.  He just walks away.  Good kitty.  He can babble mama and dada and can say hi.  One time I picked him up from daycare he saw me and said hi! That was really cool.

What’s new with me? I just finished the 50 Shades of Grey series and I also read the latest Sookie book.  I got in trouble when they got to the good part near the end of book three and it was 11pm at night. I was like I have to go to bed!! LM is going to get me up! I couldn’t put it down lol.  We had a cook out this past weekend and had a few people over. It was fun.  We watched the new Muppet movie and Cars 2, both which I hadn’t seen before.  I also went shopping a bit for some new light weight work stuff. I still need to loose my pregnancy weight so it’s nice to get some new stuff that fits.

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  1. I just put ours on Culturelle for Kids probiotic … ummm, I spent the past two days changing diapers as they cleared themselves out. They are like new children on this probiotic, especially Ethan (who was miserable and crampy so often). I wouldn’t have mentioned this before (I was a skeptic) but my jaw drops seeing the difference in my kids. They see a nutritionist who said it is safe even for infants but of course consult your doc first if you’re worried. It might be worth a try. For the first couple of days they had a diaper rash as they cleared out the “bad stuff” but then it was fine … miracle!

    • Thanks so much for your comment. I’m so glad the culturelle is working so well and that you see such an improvment. A friend of mine has also mentioned this probiotic. Because of this, I called my pediatrician yesterday and got approval for it and am starting LM on it today. My husband is not convinced, but I want to see if I notice a difference. *fingers crossed* Thanks for giving me a kick in the butt about it 🙂

  2. I’m glad that the tubes are allowing LM to continue to eat. We want him to pack on the pounds!!

    I bet it’s really cute to see him with the cat. I keep working with Sofi on “gentle, gentle” when it comes to her patting my face. I’m not sure what she’d do around a cat!!

    • LM is the same way with patting our face. He pulls hair and tends to smack you in the face if your not careful. I think they will be good friends when he’s older. He has started playing with some of the cats toys and although he didn’t realize it he and the cat have already played together. He held something out to the cat and he batted it as LM moved it around.

  3. So glad to hear that the tubes are helping, especially during an infection! My little one loves the dogs, and she pulls little bits of hair. I’m trying to work on gentle with her – for both the dogs and my hair! Just like what you are saying about patting your face – not so gentle yet! So cool about all his developments – he’s getting so big!

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