I was looking forward to my first mother’s day for a while, wondering how it would feel.  However, it didn’t turn out the way I had expected.

Ever since LM has gotten tubes he hasn’t been 100% He still pulled at his ears and was cranky at times.  At a week out he was getting more cranky and not sleeping at all in daycare.  Last friday I got a phone call from daycare that he had thrown up half his bottle and all his sweet potatoes.  He drank a little more and then fell asleep.  After he woke up he was cranky and running a low grade fever so I left work and picked him up.  He was very sleepy, but still eating ok.  I took him to the dr’s after work and they said he didn’t have anything, but that something was coming. I was really nervous because I didn’t want to spend the whole weekend with him throwing up with something like a stomach bug. I didn’t know what was coming.

When we got home he didn’t eat well and was very cranky.  He did not sleep well.  From friday night through to sunday he was VERY fussy and ate like crap.  Every time he would try to eat he would cry and he was hungry and wasn’t eating so he was fussy. It was not a good situation.  We could see his two top teeth coming in, he was drooling like crazy, and he had red bumps on his chin so we figured he was teething.  So we figured once his teeth came in he would go back to normal.  We had survived two days it should be getting better soon we thought.  On friday night I also went to the urgent care center and was diagnosed with pink eye in addition to the cold I have.  Sunday he still wasn’t better so we called the nurse line and got a doctor’s appointment.  He was teething, but the whole issue was not what we thought.  The doctor told us LM had hand, foot, and mouth disease.  Basically little red blisters all in the inside of his throat that made it hurt when he tried to eat.  He had some on his chin, little bit on his cheek, and one or two on his ear.  Besides that though, he didn’t have them anywhere else.  The doc said straight out he was in pain and that really hurt to think he was in such pain.  Made sense now why he was crying all the time.  He said he was contagious and that he probably would be out of daycare for 5-7 days.  That scared the hubs and I thinking about how much time off from work we would have to take.

So I took off monday and hubs took off today.  We have carefully monitored how much he ate and watched his diapers. We have been giving him tylenol every four hours since friday night though we are finally able to space it out some.   He barely ate half his normal amount some days.  It’s really nerve wracking wondering if your doing a good enough job to keep him from being dehydrated and not really sick.  Today the hubs to took him to the doctor again to check on his weight loss.  He has lost at least a pound, but he weighs more than he did on sunday so phew.  The doc said his throat is still red, but that the blisters are mostly going away. He still has a cold – stuffed nose, hoarse sounding voice, and a cough.  Today is the first time he has eaten without crying during/after each sip.  Thank goodness. His fluid amount for the day is really low, but I actually got him to eat an entire container of yogurt (4oz!) I was so happy about that.  He is finally on the mend.  He still takes quick short sips, but it’s better than it’s been.  Hopefully in a day or two he will up the amount he drinks and the speed.  Hubs thinks that he will eat a ton once he gets his appetite back.  I hope so, it’s hard to see him lose a pound or two when he wasn’t that large to begin with.  My mom is coming up tomorrow night and is going to watch him while the hubs and I both go to work on thursday and friday.  Thank goodness for mommies.

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  1. Carli

    HFMD is going around our daycare too. We have had lots of low eating days due to several issues, but I feel your pain on the fear of dehydration. We even resorted to using a straw (holding the fluid in with your finger and dropping in his mouth). We had lots of success this way with pedialyte. Since he started using a sippy, it isn’t as hard – but STILL. It’s tough. Right now, Carder hasn’t taken a bottle in A MONTH. Hope the little guy is feeling better soon.

    • It’s crazy how much stuff they pick up at daycare! Ooh good idea on the straw. LM still hasn’t figured out his sippy cup yet, but I tried giving him a straw the normal way to see if it would help. Your idea is much better. I’ll have to remember that. He hasn’t taken a bottle in a month? poor guy. We have had a lot of eating issues ourselves mainly reflux. Thankfully we have a gi appointment at the end of the month.

  2. FCblacksheep

    Oh how scary. Poor LM and poor you and hubs. Hope he gets better soon. That doesn’t sound fun at all.

  3. Poor kiddo…and poor you! Having a sick baby is no fun and can be so scary. Glad to hear that he’s on the mend. Prayers for a speedy recovery!

  4. Nic

    Poor little man. I feel so sorry for him. Pleased he is on the mend. Must have been so stressful. X

  5. Poor little guy! I’ve heard that HFMD can be awful… And that sucks that you guys have to stay home, I know how stressful that can be. Thank goodness your mom can come and help! I hope he gets better real soon!!

  6. Amy

    we just got over HFMD at our house too. She had been acting very fussy and not sleeping well but eating really wasn’t a problem for her. After a horrible weekend and about losing it I took her in on monday and she had blisters in her throat. After a couple days she was fine. I think we had a mild case from the horror stories I’ve heard about it. Thing is, O isn’t even in daycare so I really don’t know where she got it? The park swings maybe? Hope he is feeling better.

  7. Oh, poor guy!! There was an outbreak of HFMD at our daycare too, late last fall, but luckily Sofi was spared. Hope LM is fully recovered now!

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