The great stroller debate

The hubs and I want to get LM a new stroller soon.  We originally went with a stroller frame – the snap and go – and we LOVE it.  It is just a frame where you place the car seat in and go.  Very light and it was cheap.  However, now that LM is older and bigger (only a few inches away from the length max in his infant seat) we are looking at getting a new one where he can sit up and look around and maybe one where he won’t get so sweaty.  We have been bouncing from brand to brand, but I feel like we have finally come down to two different strollers.  However, I can’t make up my mind between the two.  I’m going to write out the pro’s and con’s for each and if you happen to own either or have an opinion please speak your mind.

Stroller #1 – Chicco Liteway



Cheap – $119.99 at one store and $139.99 at the big store

Has a big basket underneith


I had a hard time opening and closing the stroller in the store and was getting annoyed at it, but maybe I would get used to it.

The shoulder straps are not adjustable

Stroller #2 – Baby Jogger City Mini


It’s cuter and cooler (yes, that counts for something)

It opens and closes very easily

It is a nicer stroller – quality wise I feel

It can do more adventurous things outside, not that we are huge outdoorsy people, but we would like to start going on walks and such

Is $70-$80 really that much between two strollers?


Price  – It costs $199.99.  I am very annoyed that I missed the sale when the price was $145

It is a bit heavier than the chicco

I am not a huge jogger, but if I got the chicco would I spend my time wishing I had gotten the mini because it’s easier to open and close and it’s a nicer stroller?  Is the mini more of a stroller than I need?  Will I get annoyed at the extra poundage of the mini? I keep going back and forth in my head.  Gah.

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  1. (First up… I’m currently not loving Word Press. I just wrote a rather lengthy response, but then the new sign in requirement deleted my comment. Argh!)

    I say go with the mini. Last year I bought an umbrella stroller for when we travel, and even though I didn’t really like it in the store, I went with it because it was light and cheap. I thought I could live with the difficulty steering and the non-adjustable straps and handles. Let me tell you, I HATE THAT THING!!! And I rarely use it. It was total a waste of money. Even now, when the idea of hauling our bigger/heavier stroller up and down the stairs in our condo building is daunting, I just remind myself that my only other option is the umbrella stroller, and that decides it for me every time.

    We are also shopping for a new stroller, a double, and I’m considering one of the larger City units ( Yes, it’s expensive, as my MIL keeps reminding me. I made the mistake of asking for donations to our ‘new stroller fund’ in lieu of gifts of clothing/blankets/etc for the new baby. But I look at the stroller as a tool. This is an item that you are going to be using potentially several times a week, if not every day, and if it drives you crazy in the store it’s going to be a nightmare in three months time.


  2. We have the City Mini and I absolutely love it. We use it daily to get to and from daycare (no car) and it’s a really great, smooth ride and really maneuverable on sidewalks and in the park. We also probably take a taxi at least a couple of times a week and, because the City Mini has the one-handed fold, I can easily handle catching a cab by myself – baby on the hip and one-handed fold with the other hand. It’s an extremely convenient stroller, in my opinion. I didn’t even realize they sold strollers without adjustable shoulder straps but I’d be really hesitant to get that. Sofi is still using the straps on the lowest setting but my BIG 2.5 year old niece also has a City Mini and is perfectly comfortable so I envision those adjustable straps being a big MUST if you plan on using the stroller long term.

    And, just a comment on Mrs. Gamgee’s comment… we ALSO have the City Select. We bought it originally and used it from birth to about 4 months. I LOVE it too – the ride is much better than the City Mini (which I still think is great) and the seat is a bit sturdier than the City Mini. PLus it has the option of facing the seat towards you which I really wish we still had. BUT, it’s a much bigger fold so we weren’t going to be able to use it at daycare where stroller space is limited and it’s a tight fit on the city busses. So, we switched to the City Mini for day-to-day life. We keep the City Select at my in-laws’ house and I admit that I look forward to visiting them so I can take Sofi out for a walk in that stroller instead. AND, we have high hopes that we’ll get to use it as a double stroller, too, someday!

  3. I love love love my city mini. It’s worth is for the folding alone although everything else about it works well too and is nice and sturdy.

  4. We have the City Mini and LOVE it! I looked at a ton of strollers and this one is seriously the best. McRuger wanted to go with the cheaper ones we looked at (because of the cost), but we’re both glad we didn’t.

    I think the best part of the City Mini is the fact that it folds really easily and it’s very compact. I can fit it in McRuger’s sporty little car and my bigger sedan. I can also carry it really easily, because of how compact it is.

    The only drawback is the small basket underneath, but it’s not that bad.

    I really think the City Mini is the best stroller out there…or at least for the price.

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