A couple of weeks ago we scheduled an appointment with his pediatrician to talk about his weight issues.  This was last tuesday (hub’s birthday). Thankfully, the week before was our feeding evaluation and he had been on antibiotics so he had gained weight.  We talked about putting some sort of calorie supplement in his food, but she said not yet.  She wanted us to increase the amount of solids he eats – from 7oz of solid food to about 10oz a day.  She said we should focus on switching his level 1 gerbers to level 2’s (same food, just more of it), but I told her I seriously doubted he would eat that much.  She suggested I add a solid at his first bottle, but he has not been a fan of that.  I have added half of a level 1 gerber fruit to his yogurt and he has enjoyed that.  While we were there she also said he has bronchiolitis again.  Ugh. So he has been using the nebulizer four times a day, but today at the appointment the nurse said he sounded good. So hopefully that’s on it’s way out.

Recently though, he has been refusing his evening solids.  He is drinking his formula in normal amounts which makes it ok, but I find it weird.  He has also been very fussy during feedings and a few other times during the day.  I thought he might have an ear infection, but he got the all clear today.  Then today he only took a small nap in the car to daycare after his appointment and then 20 minutes more later in the day at daycare.  Tooth coming in? 9 month growth spurt? I dunno, but I can’t wait for it to pass.  He finally passed out in the middle of his evening bottle.

Hub’s has something – we aren’t sure what it is – but he has been sick since last friday. It has not been fun. Sometimes I feel like I have had to do double duty on some things. He has been around more since he hasn’t worked all this week and has helped with feedings in the morning and evening which I am very grateful since LM has been a major fuss fest.  But boy am I glad it’s the weekend.  I plan to pass out on the couch in an hour or so. What an exciting life I live.

Ok onto the title.  Today was finally LM’s ENT appointment. I have been waiting months for this appointment.  Thankfully, the wait for the appointment once there was pretty short.  In short, LM is going to be getting ear tubes on both sides at the beginning of next month. I feel sad that he has to have surgery, I’m sure I will get very nervous as it approaches, and I know I will cry seeing him in a little hospital gown and when they take him from me to do it.  However, I know it’s a really quick common procedure that will hopefully really help him in the long run from getting sick so damn much.  *fingers crossed*

One good thing about today – while at the appointment LM got weighed again.  I love the data points and that I can watch them plot on my dr’s office growth charts.  LM is tall and lean.  According to today’s measurements he is in the 71.8th percentile for height and 20.5th percentile for weight.  He has even gained a few ounces since last tuesday so yea for that.  I guess he’s going to be tall and skinny.

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