8.5 months

I have wanted to write for a bit, but we have been busy and every time I get a chance to write I am either exhausted or can’t think of all those good ideas I had to write like right now.  Come on sleepy brain wake up.  Maybe part of that reason is that I’m starving and can’t think of anything good I want to eat.

What’s new with us?

LM has become an awesome sitter.  Like sit on his own for long periods of time with no support playing with toys or just watching other kids in his classroom.  This is a totally great thing.  He also rolled over from his back to his stomach once, but I think it was a fluke and he hasn’t repeated it since.  He continues to roll from side to side though to get what he wants.  I’ve started finding him sleeping on his side in the mornings which is pretty cute.  His favorite toys right now are the phone and the remote control.  Every time we try to use one he lunges for it and tries to grab it.  We indulge him and turn the remote to a setting where he can’t change the channel or mess anything up and let him press the buttons until he is done.  We also bought him his own fisher price remote that lights up and has sounds and he loves it.  It will calm him down during a major fuss fest.  He has two teeth – the bottom two and is starting to babble a lot more with consonants.  He’s got the b down pat and I swear I heard some dadada’s in there.  We just introduced peaches and he seems to really like them.  They seem to give him a sugar high or something after he eats them though.  I’ve been thinking about buying him some of those flavored puffs I see everywhere.  I haven’t yet though.  Soon I think.

He is currently getting over another bought of sickness.  He had a cold for a while which never turned into an ear infection.  However, it did turn into a sinus infection!  We knew something was up when he started spiking a fever of over 100.  At one point with our thermometer we got a reading of 103! I’m not sure how reliable our thermometer is, but still scary!  His dr prescribed one strong medicine and he threw it up.  She prescribed a different medicine, he threw that up.  After trying multiple times to get him to keep his antibiotics down so he could get better I begged for something easy on his stomach that he had been before and she gave him Amoxicillin.  He has been on that since thursday night and has progressively gotten a lot better.  Thank goodness.  I still keep track of when I give him his antibiotic and do a cheer 30 minutes later when he has still kept it down because that is another dose where he will get the benefits of his meds.

We had a feeding evaluation last week.  I contemplated rescheduling it because it was right in the heat of him throwing up his antibiotics and having a fever, but I still brought him because he was still eating ok (It was his antibiotics making him throw up not a stomach virus) and I wanted whatever help they could provide.  It didn’t go as I expected.  They only watched him eat solids instead of drinking out of a bottle like I had hoped.  He ate his yogurt like a champ as usual because he loves the stuff.  They said he has no swallowing issues and that we just  needed some suggestions to get his eating on track.  She said that at 8 months he should be eating around 20-24 ounces of formula a day with three solid meals.  This really surprised me because it seems so low!  Is this what you guys have heard?  I know their is a range and all of what different babies eat.  She said I should give him his solids first and let him eat as much as he wants and then give him his formula.  She said I could give him some formula first because some babies tend to fill up on solids and then don’t want the bottle.  I tend to give him some formula first and then when he needs a break I switch to the solids, let him finish them, and then go back to the formula.  He has been doing pretty well.  Right now he is averaging about 24 or a little bit more of formula with a bottle first thing in the morning, an another bottle and an entire container of stage 1 gerber vegetables for breakfast, half a container of yogurt for lunch with another bottle, and an entire container of stage 1 gerber fruits for dinner with another bottle, and then one more bottle before bed.  She said while he is eight months I should work on getting hid quantity of solids up and during his ninth month work on textures.  This makes me nervous because he doesn’t do textures well and tends to throw them up when they aren’t what he likes/is used too.  I have an appointment next week with his dr to discuss his weight – he hasn’t been gaining much from month to month and actually loses a little sometimes. I think it’s because he keeps getting sick and when he’s sick he doesn’t eat as well.  I am wondering what she is going to tell me to do and if she is going to give us some sort of calorie booster or something to add to his food.  I’m also interested to see if a week on antibiotics and this new eating plan will have helped him gain some weight back.  I hope so.

Next friday is finally our ent appointment to talk about tubes.  I really hope that it’s a smooth and quick process so we can help him not to be sick anymore.

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  1. My nephew had to get tubes in his ears, and it helped tremendously! He still has the occasional cold, but it’s nothing like it used to be. I hope that tubes help LM feel a little bit better in the long run. 🙂

  2. Damnit for those illnesses! They do such a number on the little ones and throw everything off. Sofi is now fighting through ear infection #3.5 or #4 (not sure if it’s a continuation of last week’s or an actual new one). I fear she might need to get ear tubes, so I look forward to hearing about your appointment!

  3. I am so sorry that you’re dealing with so much sickness with LM! I’m sure that’s part of his weight gain/loss issue. As for introducing textures, I have a few suggestions I’ve heard from my mommy friends (one has a son who was very similar to LM in regards to throwing up). You may have already tried these, so I’m sorry if it’s a repeat!!

    1) You might want to try giving LM a large piece of soft avocado or banana (like 1/2 of one of those)…and let him gum/chew it for a while. Of course, watch him carefully, but let him experience having larger things in his mouth.
    2) Get him a baby toothbrush (I have one that’s shaped like a banana) and let him explore that for a while. The bristles will stimulate his mouth and he could get more used to the texture.
    3) I hear the puffs are amazing. They are so quick to dissolve that before the baby knows it, the texture isn’t there anymore. You can also try other baby cereals (like Cheerios or something once he’s used to more texture).

    I wish you the BEST!! This parenting stuff isn’t easy!

    • Thanks so much Rain! Awesome suggestions and I haven’t tried them yet 😉 I’ve been waiting until LM is off the amoxicillin but I may try something soon. WIll let you know how it goes! Also so sorry for being a bad commenter.

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