Thanks so much to all of you who still read and commented on my last blog post.  Your comments were really helpful to me!  I ended up trying to just listen to LM more and it worked pretty well.  We have fallen into a every five hour feeding schedule with us offering 8oz of formula.  He doesn’t always say he’s hungry though and I’m wondering if that has something to do with all the rice he ends up getting in his bottle (1 teaspoon for every 2oz) or if it’s because I’ve kept him on a schedule for so long he knows I’ll feed him.  We have a feeding evaluation next week and I’m trying to make a GI appointment, but the earliest I am able to get right now is the end of may.

For a while I have known that LM has some gross motor issues. I admit I felt/feel a bit jealous when others post what  new skill their baby is doing and LM hasn’t met it yet.  He has been in PT since around November for his torticollis/plagiocephaly (tight neck muscles/flat spot on his head) and has come along way, however, I still feel like he isn’t where he needs to be.  This is where I took things in my own hands and had him evaluated by our state’s early intervention services. If he qualifed he gets a lot of services right in his own daycare until he doesn’t need it anymore or until age 3.  I took him last thursday and he did qualify.  He will be getting PT, OT, and a little early childhood development.  I was a little sad to hear this, but I’m happy that he’s getting what he needs.  I also feel happy that I did sign him up for the evaluation.  His pediatrician’s office is always so busy and I doubt he would have gotten any of these services if I hadn’t stood up for him and done something.  All of his issues stems from his gross motor issues.  He wasn’t strong enough to meet the gross motor milestones, which means he wasn’t moving to the things that he should be to able to use them to learn the skills he should be.  So hopefully all of those skills will come to him quickly with his extra help.  He also has a ent appointment in a couple of weeks for possible tubes.  So with all of that I think he will be covered.

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  1. Hey, sorry I don’t comment more often, but I wanted you to know mine all get some therapy, too, and I do totally understand how you feel about the milestones thing. Sophie isn’t even walking (although she technically can, she chooses not to) and she’ll be 2 in May. So I get it! However, that doesn’t mean your LM isn’t a bright baby who will catch right up eventually. Ours scored cognitively at 26+ months at their last evaluation despite being only 18 months adjusted, so even though they are still scoring their adjusted age physically it helps to know they are doing okay intelligence-wise and the therapy will catch them up with other kids their age soon! So keep your chin up — you did a wonderful thing getting LM into early intervention and you should be proud of yourself!

    • Thanks Sonja! I’m a bad commenter too, so don’t worry about it. I know you are right about LM catching up once he gets the extra help he needs. I’m glad we are doing this now when he is so young and he and his peers won’t notice anything. By the time it matters he will be just like anyone else in his grade and be able to do whatever he wants. I debated about not posting about this because I do wish he didn’t have to get extra help, but I do know that there isn’t anything wrong with it and I’m being the best mom I can be for him. I also thought it might be neat to write about the experience and find out about other people also doing the same thing. A lot of the time I tend to not write about the negative stuff. Anyways, thanks so much for your support and kind words 😉

  2. Hey there…I’m still around, too. Just a crappy commenter. 😉

    You are doing an awesome job! There are so many who are too worried about what others think or who would have just waited for the ped to work things out. Kudos to you for taking the bull by the horns, so to speak…and it’s excellent that he has exposure to all that help in a familiar setting like his daycare.

    I read your last post, too, and it sounds like you’ve got it all under control, Mama. 🙂 LM is one lucky boy! Glad to hear that you’re all doing well. Take care!

    • Thanks and congrats to you! I can only imagine other mom’s who don’t know what services are available out there and all their other doctors are too busy to mention it. I have read many posts online of people who say “oh every child grows at their own pace and that they will catch up eventually.” I didn’t want to sit back and wait.

  3. Good for you for being LM’s advocate!

    I have been hemming and hawing for a couple of months now about Ginny’s lack of speech skills. She is improving slowly, but given family history (my Beloved has Asperger’s tendencies, and didn’t talk at all until he was 5 years old), I don’t want to wait too long. I’ve set her 18 month well-ness check with the public health nurse as our deadline. It will be a little hectic around that time, but I know I won’t want to wait longer than that to seek help. I’ve gotten a lot of the “all babies develop differently” from friends and family, but I don’t want Ginny to be three years old and still not being able to communicate.

    • Do what you feel comfortable with, but I would go ahead and get her assessed if you feel like she is behind. My whole assessment was free. I know it’s hard to think that there might be something different with your child, but the earlier you do it the less she will need to catch up. I don’t know about your program, but with LM’s the early intervention services go until they are three. It took a couple of weeks to get the assessment, and then will be another month until they get all the services set up. It sounds like you are doing a great job with her 🙂

  4. FCblacksheep

    It’s so awesome you took initiative. You’re a good mom. We’ve been doing early intervention since Floyd got out of the hospital. She only does OT, but we did have a PT and speech therapist in the hospital and she did a speech evaluation. It was a little scary at first thinking she needed it, but since we’ve been doing it, it’s been awesome. The cool thing is, they teach you what to do so you can continue to work with him after they leave. I’ve learned so much about how to encourage Floyd’s development. I feel in so many ways like I have a leg up in a way because I’m learning how to not just play with Floyd but how to help her. It feels good and is very empowering. I know you’ll feel the same way. And I know a few other people who get EI too. My sister did it for her youngest for walking and a friend of ours does speech, OT, and PT for their son. You’re going to see a lot of good from it! Wishing you the best.

  5. Way to go, mama, for getting your boy assessed early! You are now getting the help he needs – I’m way impressed that you got this done on your own!

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