I feel like it’s been a while since I wrote in here.  Bad me.  I figured that since I just joined a new blogroll called Parenting/Pregnant after Infertility/Loss  (thanks Elphaba for this good idea!) I should write a new entry!

So what is new with us?

Well the last time I wrote I was having frustration because I wasn’t making LM’s food smooth enough.  I decided to see how he did on ge.rber food and he did great.  I decided that him getting practice with solids, getting to eat more foods, and getting good nutrition was more important than my frustrations so I decided to go that route until he can eat foods with texture.  So far he has had squash and sweet potatoes.  I was about to start him on bananas when he got sick so we are waiting on that.

Speaking of being sick LM just recently is getting over having an ear infection and bronchiolitis.  I am really sick of him getting sick all the time. I feel so bad for him.  Literally four days after getting over the stomach bug he started to get a cold that developed into what we have now.  Currently he is on augmenten and nebulizer treatments four times a day.  Hopefully when we go back to the dr’s on tuesday she will say he can be done with the neb treatments.  I really hope his immune system kicks in soon.  We have an appointment with an ear nose and throat doc in april to probably get tubes, but it seems so far away. I have a bad feeling that he will get two more ear infections before we get to that appointment. So I’m hoping the wait list gets us an earlier appointment.

We switched his formula to similac alimentum which has been great.  He went from fighting his bottles and taking 45 minutes to an hour with 6.5 oz to eating 7oz in 15-20 minutes.  He also started gaining weight again.  Unfortunately, since he has been sick with his ear infection he stopped eating as much and it takes forever again.  That is my big sign that he has an ear infection.  I’ve gotten him to drink 6oz of formula twice today, but it takes forever.  I hope he goes back to feeling better and eating quicker again.  Currently he weighs 17.5 pounds.  The alimentum is pretty expensive and we went through our insurance to get it covered since it was medically necessary.  We got all the paperwork turned in and got approved by our insurance!  However, just as I was about to get the shipment I realized that what we were getting was the powder, not the ready to feed like LM drinks.  He has never done well on the powder.  I was like nooo! The lady we were talking to said she doesn’t know of anyone who has the ready to feed.  I know the stores do, but to go through my insurance we need to get it from a durable medical equipment supplier and I just don’t know who to call.  I did some googling around and a lot of numbers, however most I found were the wrong number and the others don’t carry it.  So I’m going to buy one container of the powder and see how he does.  Because it would really be great to get 70% of his formula covered every month.

This past week I went away for a conference for work.  I was really nervous about it because I have never been away from LM a full day let alone three!  I missed him a lot, but it was nice to sleep in some and get room service.  I did continually wake up at 5am every morning (like I would with LM), but then made myself go back to bed.  I’m glad the trip is behind me now though and that I am back in my normal day to day stuff.

I’m looking to get LM some more help with his gross motor skills as he is having some trouble with some of his milestones (probably from being sick all the time and because of his reflux) so I hope all goes well with that and that he continues to show growth in that area.

What else? I’m so looking forward to spring and warm weather. I want to be able to open the windows and take LM outside to enjoy the weather.  LM moved up a classroom and he is doing very well and his teachers all love him.  He is pretty sweet and charming.  He is currently working on his first tooth that is about to break through.  I can’t believe that in a couple of weeks he will be 8 months!  Time flies!

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  1. I, too, am really looking forward to spring. We’ve been lucky to have had a mild winter here in Madrid, but even so… spring needs to arrive for real!!

    Sofi’s daycare is offering workshop of bronchio PT or something like that. It’s designed to teach us some exercises to relieve the pressure and congestion that the babies so often have. I hope to go (Sofi’s had 2 ear infections and has a perpetually runny nose) and if I learn anything exciting I’ll be sure to post about it.

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