Food frustrations

Seems like I mostly post here when I have an issue.  I guess that’s what blogs are for. But I should also try to post the positive stuff.  Like LM is doing well on similac alimentum.  Like I finally found a nipple I like – dr brown’s number four.  Faster than a three and slower than a y.  LM likes them and only fuses when the gears in the dr brown’s bottle gunk up because of the rice.  Instead of eating in like 45 minutes to an hour he eats in about 15 minutes.  We have moved up to 7 oz a feeding.  I introduced his yogurt back at daycare and he loved it as he always has.

Today I decided to introduce butternut squash.  After the fact hubby said that it was probably too early to introduce a new food after LM having the stomach bug.  This was the first day since being sick he had solids again.  He did great with the yogurt that he has had before so I figured I would be safe introducing something new.  I guess not.  After work I ran around three different places and picked up a butternut squash. I read up on how to cook it – cut it in half, scoop out the seeds, bake for 30-40 minutes.  However, we have been having issues with our oven and the element didn’t turn on.  So it cooked a little, but I couldn’t tell how much. So I moved it into our convection oven and kept checking it for fork tenderness.  All while feeding LM and then wearing him because he wouldn’t quit fussing. I scooped the squash out and tasted it and I still felt like it needed more cooking time.  So I put the bowl of squash in the microwave and kept checking it until it tasted better. I didn’t puree it in a blender/food processor but I did squish it with a fork so that it was smooth.  So the cooking process was a fail having to use three different things.  I put two servings in small containers and then froze the rest in an ice cube tray.

When LM started fussing again two hours after his bottle I grabbed one of the small containers of squash.  I put some formula in it so that I could smooth it even more and make it more liquidy.  I sat down, put a very small bit in his mouth and watched to see what he would do.  He made this face like he couldn’t stand the taste, spit it out so it was on his chin and then started making the throw up face.  I was like oh no!  I was hoping he wouldn’t throw up because I barely gave him any of it, but he did.  I doubt he even ingested any of it, it was just the texture/taste I suppose.  It made me feel frustrated because I busted my butt all afternoon and used three different cooking machines to make it and it made him throw up.  I felt frustrated because he didn’t like the avocado I made a few weeks ago (though he would eat it when I mixed it in yogurt).  Part me wonders if he got the stomach bug because I screwed up making the avocado in some way.  I know it’s not true because you just scoop the avocado out of the skin and we all got sick which means it was a bug not something with his food.  It just makes me wonder if I should just go with jars because they are pre-made and already the correct consistency.   I’m going to just give him yogurt for about a week or so, ease him back into solids, and then maybe try the squash again or maybe just give him something simple like mushed banana.  Though I have been trying to give him all the not sweet first foods first.

Maybe he just has a strong gag reflex, especially from being sick.  Does anyone have any experience with this or have any thoughts?

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  1. A

    My daughter never cared for the consistency for anything I tried to puree, but she loved (still loves, at 9 months) the jarred food. For instance, if I mashed a banana, she’d gag and refuse, but she’d scarf down a jar of bananas. Now that she’s older, she scarfs down homemade finger foods (e.g., chunks of cooked squash) with the same fervor as she eats the purees. Some have success, but for me, making homemade purees wasn’t worth it.

    For soft squash, you can cut in half, scoop out the seeds, place the halves face down, and pour about a half-inch of water in the pan. Then cook 40 min–took a lot of fails before I figured this out! Comes out soft, easy for baby to eat in chunks.

    • Thanks so much for your comment. It got to me right in the heat of the moment. It made me feel like LM wasn’t the only one who was like this and made me feel better about considering jarred food for purees. I’m going to stick to yogurt for a few more days and because I don’t want to go to the grocery store three days in a row. Then I may see how I feel then and possibly get a few jars.

  2. Carli

    When our little man first started solids, our first food to introduce was bananas. He loved them. We haven’t had any problems with him liking veggies after that, so if you need to try something on the sweeter side I wouldn’t worry too much. Having something he likes may actually encourage him to like other ne tastes and textures.
    Also, has great recipe ideas for mixing foods – for instance bananas with avocado and apples with butternut squash. It might be that you need to ease him into veggies. Formula is so sweet and babies natural prefer the sweet stuff…
    Good luck

  3. Sofi is such a good eater that I don’t have much advice, but it sounds like you are doing all that you can. Stick with the yogurt until he’s totally well, I’d say and then give it another shot. There’s such a huge learning curve with these little ones, isn’t there? 🙂

    • There is such a learning curve! I thought about it and decided to try giving him some gerber stage one squash. This way I could tell if it was the texture (mine wasn’t completly smooth) or the squash itself. He loved the gerber squash (ate over two tablespoons) and actually let me sleep through the night last night. So I think my issue is that he has a strong gag reflex and I wasn’t making it smooth enough. So for now even though I said I wasn’t going to feed him processed stuff I’m going to stick to gerber until he can handle the thicker texture. I want him to be able to eat foods and not be limited by my sucky pureeing skills. Besides, the ingredients for the squash were squash and water so not too bad. LOL sorry for making this a long response I just had it all in my head 🙂

      • Seems like it’s more important that he continue eating solids than that they be homemade so that seems like a great plan! And you can’t really beat squash & water.

  4. AP

    I have nothing to offer, but am bracing myself for solid foods!

    • Solid foods are pretty fun once you get the kinks out 🙂 I think I’m just having more issues because LM has reflux and a strong gag reflex.

  5. amy

    my only advice would be to make his homemade squash not so thick. If you know he doesn’t like it thick and gags just add more formula to make it runny. I add breast milk AND brown rice cereal to O’s veggies at night. Her fruits at breakfast I always add oatmeal and breast milk. She likes them on the runnier side too. When I make squash for her I peel it, chop it up and steam it until very soft then puree. And don’t worry about introducing sweet things vs veggies. There’s no real evidence to prove there’s anything wrong with the order in which you introduce things. It’s all a matter of opinion and if LM likes it a certain way, keep it up. 🙂 These babies know what they want, how they want it. pretty demanding little things aren’t they? haha.

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