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So we are about four days in with similac alimentum.  I think it’s going pretty well.  LM has stopped throwing up which I’m so happy about.  He has slowly spaced out his feedings and is eating more.  We are at 5 ounces or so every four hours.  Phew.  For a while he was eating every two hours which meant by the time he finished his bottle we were already one hour in to the next and he didn’t nap well.  He is pooping more and the consistency has changed.  He used to go once a day or every other day.  Today he has pooped three times already.  It’s softer and smells bad, but I’m not surprised because that formula is stinky.

I’m hoping all of you out in internet land can help me though with a problem I’m having.  We are making five ounce bottles so I put 2.5 teaspoons of rice cereal in his bottle.  We are using doctor browns bottles.  Before we started this formula he was on a formula that had rice starch so it was supposedly thicker.  We were using a level two nipple.  Now that there is rice cereal in his bottle we need a bigger nipple so the rice cereal will come out when he sucks on the nipple.  LOL at the google searches people will get from that.  Anyways, we tried a level three and that didn’t seem to work so we went with a y nipple which I think is made for putting cereal in a bottle.  It works well but, sometimes he gulps and cries and makes noises like it’s coming too fast.  Or maybe I’m misreading his cry.  But then later on in his feeding session he will usually go on to finish the bottle.  Sometimes I wonder if in the first ounce or two all the rice cereal comes out so he is left with just the formula that is thinner and then he doesn’t need the bigger nipple.  I have tried switching the nipple 3/4 of the way through the bottle to a level 3 and a level 2 and he gets mad and I end up switching back to the y.  However, he still gulps.  Maybe it’s just something he has to get used too since it hasn’t even quite been a week yet? I’m also wondering if he really needs the rice cereal in his bottle.  The formula seems sorta thick on its own.  Yes, he has reflux, but he is a silent refluxer not a huge spitter so maybe this new formula will help his stomach so that he doesn’t need the cereal in there?  An yes, he is also on prevacid.  Just trying to figure things out.  I probably won’t take the rice cereal out for a bit.  He is just getting better I don’t want to rock the boat yet.  Anyone have any advice?

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  1. We went through a lot of bottles before we finally just settled on the medela bottles with the medium flow nipple. B takes 6-7 ounces every 4 hours with cereal in it and does great… not too slow and not too fast.

    • Glad B is doing well with it! There are so many bottle types out there it’s crazy 😉

  2. FCblacksheep

    I’m so happy LM is doing better and starting to get his regular appetite back. We’re on a two-hour schedule during the day and probably will be for a long time. We went through such nipple trouble (sounds funny) in the hospital. We’re thickening her bottles so she doesn’t choke one the milk or get overwhelmed. We finally landed on one tablespoon to one ounce of milk with a Dr. Brown’s #2. It works perfect for her. Maybe you can play with the milk to cereal ratio as well?? Also, some other signs to look for to indicate he’s getting overwhelmed (we worked with several therapists on this),, fingers splaying out, eyes popping, coughing, of course, loud noises and gulping, a wet cry (like the milk is caught in his throat), hand pushing the bottle away or crying out. Most of it is pretty obvious. Sounds like he might be getting overwhelmed. Hope you find a nipple that works!

    • So glad your baby girl is doing better. LOL I was thinking that sounded like a lot of rice cereal. I tried doing one tablespoon to two ounces in a six ounce bottle and it was way too much. It gunked up the gears in the bottle and the nipple. LM got mad because he was sucking so hard and nothing came out! Thanks so much for the signs. That is really important information to know! The last few bottles we have done have gone pretty well with 4 teaspoons with six ounces of formula.

  3. FCblacksheep

    oops sorry. That is a teaspoon to an ounce.

  4. We have been through nearly the same things you and I. We had the same problem with the Y cut nipple. I’ve been through just about every bottle nipple combination possible. The only solution we have found is using this bottle: with a #2 nipple. Works like a charm. Only one we’ve found. BUT we do alternate feedings with rice cereal.

    Hope this helps a little. It’s been a life saver for us. We ended up using our Y cut nipples to dose his meds in and that way he sucks them down rather quickly and we aren’t wasting them.
    Our little guy is almost 10 months old and just moved up to a #2 flow for his regular feedings so we had a problem with this especially with the rice cereal.

    • Wow those bottles look pretty neat. I’m trying to avoid buying all new bottles though since we have been with our dr brown’s combinations for so long. LM is pretty good taking meds. He got used to taking his zantac or prevacid. When he sees me coming with the syringe he opens his mouth for me and sucks it right down. A nasty antibiotic doesn’t always work though. I celebrated about a month ago when LM graduated from level one to level two nipples. Even sang him pomp and circumstance 😉

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