Quick update

So once again I’m a bad blogger. I apologize.  Life has been busy.  I get up at 4:50am – my alarm says 5am, but it’s really ten minutes early.  In theory I can lie in bed for ten minutes and not have to worry, but it never really works out that way.  I wake LM up, start his feeding process – prevacid, wait twenty minutes, diaper change, gas drops, antibiotic (he has needed one lately), and then bottle for however long he decides to eat for.  Some days it’s as quick as 20 minutes and lately it’s around 45minutes. On a bad day it can go an hour.  After that’s done I get his bottles and rice cereal ready for the day, get dressed myself, make my lunch and breakfast, eat, check the computer quickly, say hi and bye to my husband and I’m out the door.  I drop LM off at daycare, go to work myself, then pick him up around 3pm, do any errands we need to do (thursday was his six month well visit, friday was PT), catch a cat nap if LM is napping which he normally does from 3-5, then dinner, hang out with the husband, watch some tv, and then bed.  Wow lol I didn’t expect to write out my daily routine, but there you go.

So when I do get a chance to get on the computer I tend to either get on twitter to chat with people or read your blogs.  I am trying to keep up with all of your journeys, but I don’t get the time to comment.  It seems like a lot of you who have one miracle are starting to try for number two or are already pregnant with number two which is amazing.  I don’t think I’m ready for another one yet.  LM is keeping my hands full all by himself.  I am also here rooting on all of you trying for number one!

So what’s new? Let’s see.. I’m going to break it up into the good and the could be better….

The good.  LM is growing and doing well.  I can’t believe he’s already six months.  He’s 16 pounds and 25.5 inches.  Everyone keeps saying how long he is.  His dad is 6’1 though.  We are almost in size three diapers which is crazy.  LM loves to laugh, smile, and he has found his voice.  His favorite thing to do right now is to yell/screech really really loud in a high pitched tone.  He’s not upset or anything, he just likes to hear his own voice.  In daycare when it’s quiet he will surprise everyone with a loud yell lol.  He isn’t babbling with consonants yet, but I keep saying mamamamama dadadadada to him and he thinks it’s funny and laughs at me.  He loves peek-a-boo, being bounced on his feet, and being held way up high.  He’s done pretty well with solids.  He loves rice cereal and yogurt.  We started him on the yogurt for the good bacteria.  He will eat his oatmeal cereal, but doesn’t seem as much of a fan compared to the rice. We are going to start him on avocado tonight.  I hope he likes it.  He will be graduating from the younger baby’s class in daycare at the end of the month and moving up into the older baby’s room.  After he graduates from this next room we get a discount on daycare costs, woo hoo.

The could be better – It seems like LM has been sick a lot this winter.  We had a couple of colds that turned into an ear infection.  He has had two ear infections so far.  They are a little concerned that since he has his first one so early that he may need tubes.  They say they are going to refer us to an ear nose and throat doc if he gets two more in the next couple of months.  Fingers crossed he doesn’t and it gets warm soon.  In between the ear infections he has tended to get the sniffles.  We are just finishing the second round of antibiotics of his last ear infection – 10 days on amoxicillin and then ten days on augmentin.  He now has a cold again independent from his last ear infection ugh.  I really hope it goes away soon. I can’t remember the last time he was completely healthy.  I really hope that all of this means that once he’s a bit older he won’t get sick anymore because he has already had everything.

He’s still going to PT for his gross motor skills.  The torticollis is mostly gone, but he still has plagiocephaly.  We are still thinking about possibly needing a helmet. I don’t want to have to get him one, but if it will help him I’m open to it.  The PT says he is behind about a month on his gross motor skills, which makes me nervous.  He will roll over to the left, but doesn’t like to roll to the right side (the side where his neck muscles were tighter).  He’s still working on rolling from his back to his stomach.  He can sit supported, but not on his own for very long.  I’m hoping that comes along soon.  I’m wondering if he’s just going to be a tiny bit behind on his gross motor skills since he came at 37 weeks.  Who knows.  I’m trying really hard not to compare him to other people’s kids, but I can’t help myself.

His reflux is something we are still working on.  He has good times when he drinks his bottle with no issues in about 25-30 minutes and days like today when we really have to work to get him to eat.  Right now I’m wondering if his teeth are coming in.  They teased us before and I thought one would be in by now, but nothing yet.  Hopefully he will go back to his normal eating again soon.  I need to start exercising and lose some weight, but it’s hard trying to fit it into my schedule and finding the motivation to do it. My mom says I should just keep him in daycare for an extra half an hour so I can exercise, but I am not sold on that and by that time we are both ready for nap time.

I will leave you with some recent pics of LM.  He is such a cute little guy 😉  His legs are blurry in the two pictures in his chair because he loves to kick his feet.  He can get that chair rocking all by himself and all the toys on the toy bar go flying.

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  1. Nic

    Wow he is so big! Pleased you are both doing well. Let’s hope his ear infections stop. X

  2. Don’t let the idea of the helmet keep you from looking into it. Although it could just be a quirk, the pressure his flat spot can create on the brain could easily explain the motor skill delays. They can do a CT scan to see the skull shape and also check for pressure. I am not saying all that to freak you out, just speaking from experience with our daughter.

    • Thanks. I’ll bring that up if we go back. We did originally see a neuroscience doc when he was three or four months. The doc wasn’t too concerned and said he was too young to do anything. He said if it was still there by 7 months (I think that’s what he said) and we wanted to do something than we could come back. I think we were boring him because it wasn’t something exciting for him to figure out,

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