My purse

We took LM to the doctor on friday morning just to make sure everything was ok before the long weekend.  He has had stuffiness for a couple of weeks that never turned into anything and then the last week or so he got a bit more stuffy and developed a tiny cough. I wanted them to listen to his breathing and check his ears.  Turns out he’s just fine and he has his first tooth almost ready to break through.  So that’s what’s been going on. It makes sense, the extra drool is probably causing the cough, he has had a diaper rash for a while which is supposedly a sign of teething, and his day time naps have gone from an hour or two to 30 minutes at the most.  The crappy thing is teething plus his reflux has made it even harder for feeding times.  I really hope this tooth breaks through soon!

Ok onto the title of the post….My purse…

I like to be prepared just in case I find myself in a situation where I might need that particular something.  I’m a planner by nature.  I always try to be one step ahead of things.  Therefore, I carry a lot of stuff in my purse.  I got my current purse maybe three months or so ago.  It was on sale and cheap.  However, once I started using it I found that it didn’t have enough room for everything I carry.  I want to go out and get a new bigger bag.  Hubby says I carry too much stuff and should get rid of some of it.  I call it being prepared.  This is what I have in my purse

  • Wallet
  • Work ID
  • Car keys
  • House Keys
  • Ipod touch
  • Small bottle of zantac
  • Small bottle of immodium (I have IBS so this and the zantac are for when I’m out and having stomach issues)
  • Bottle of water (for drinking and if I need to take any of my tummy meds)
  • Eye drops
  • Glasses case with terry cloth
  • Garmin (I hate getting lost so I use this any time I go somewhere new)
  • Cell phone
  • Small trinket hubby made me when we were first dating
  • Chapstick
  • Pen
  • Small planner to write my appointments in
  • Small brush
  • Checkbook
  • A pad just in case

I also have one of those purse organizers that you see on infomercials to see if that would help organize things and give me more pockets, but it didn’t help that much.  Do you think I carry too much?  What kind of stuff do you have in your purse?

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  1. Ohhh, I am so guilty of the same sort of thing. My purse is always packed with the “just in case” stuff. I always carry my wallet, cell phone, poetry book, pen, sun glasses, chap stick, cuticle cream, hand moisturizer, lip stain, and a few alcohol swabs (for disinfecting random surfaces). Don’t get me started on Cadet’s diaper bag…it’s got a lot of random stuff in it!!

  2. I don’t know what to tell you b/c I always carry too much stuff. But, it is bad for your back, neck, and shoulders. I do keep my garmin in my car. Plus, I use a water cup (from Tupperware, so the straw hole keeps things from leaking), so I just carry it with me everywhere so I don’t the bottle of water in there. Additionally, I have a small bottle that used to hold a sample of Nexium that I refill with whatever pills I think I might need – Pepcid, Nexium, Tylenol, etc…so that I don’t have multiple bottles in there. I keep a brush in my desk at work and one in my glove box. I may have even put one in my hubby’s glove box so I don’t have to carry one in my purse. Oh, and I stopped carrying a planner because my smart phone has a calendar. I hope that helps some.

  3. I don’t even carry a purse, though I used to carry a wallet. it got stolen a couple of years ago and I never replaced it. so now, I carry a debit card and license in a pocket, and my phone and keys in my hand unless I’m wearing a jacket with big pockets. I know everyone thinks that is weird but I’m just a fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants kind of gal 🙂

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