I have been thinking about feeding LM solids for a really long time.  I’ve been thinking about what his reaction will be like, how it will go, what foods he will like, making the food on my own since I wasn’t able to breast feed and how that will go, and wondering if feeding him solids will be easier and less stressful because of his reflux than bottles.  As you can see I have been thinking about it a lot.  I have decided that I am going to start him on solids at 6 months which will be January 17th.  I can’t believe he will be six months old in a few weeks.  Crazy.  Part of me has thought about starting a little early with the iron fortified rice cereal.  Though his formula has rice starch in it so I have thought about starting him on something else like bananas or an avacado.  I have a whole book on how to make baby food that I got at my shower, but I haven’t read the whole thing yet, just bits and pieces.

As I said before I decided early on that since I couldn’t breastfeed that I would then make his solids.  This way I can save money that I couldn’t before when I had to buy formula, not have to feed him jarred food that has all sorts of stuff in it, start him out on liking all different sorts of food, and give him lots of fresh nutrients.  When I first started thinking about it I decided I wanted to buy one of those whole systems like the baby bullet.  I have thought about buying one of those for a long time and have watched the infomercial many times.  I thought about buying the regular bullet before, but didn’t because I have read reviews of parts breaking and it not lasting very long.  Then again there are some people that love it and swear on it.

Today while doing a little online shopping I almost bought one, but then decided on just using my normal blender that I have in the house, but never use.  I hope it’s strong enough.  I am also going to get a steamer basket and see how that goes.  I have never used one before and hopefully I will quickly figure it out.  Anyways today on twitter I asked if anyone had the baby bullet and what they thought of it.  Two women mentioned that they were doing baby led weaning and that they didn’t really use a baby food maker.  I was like baby food weaning? What is that?  So I did some research.  Basically it’s skipping pureeing a baby’s food into mush and spoon feeding them.  The parents prepare the appropriate food and cut it into smallish pieces and let the baby pick what they want to eat, how much, and feed themselves.  Basically the whole family eats the same thing together.

I’m not sure how I feel about this.  I think it’s an interesting concept, but I am not sure.  I think I am going to try doing the puree route in the beginning just to start and then see how LM does.  I have thought about doing it for so long I want to at least try it out.  If he does well on purees maybe then we will move towards baby led weaning. I also want to talk to his doctor at his six month appointment, though I think it’s a week or two after he’s six months.  As of now LM watches me when I eat and looks at my food closely, but he doesn’t grab for it.  Though I don’t eat right next to him or have him close enough that he could grab it.

So this is my thinking.  What did you guys do? Did you start solids before your baby was exactly six months? What did you start with? Is there anything I should know? I do know the four day rule or so to make sure they aren’t allergic to anything.  I’m excited to start this next adventure with LM.

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  1. Gosh, you sound just like I did when deciding to feed P soild foods. 😉 I made her food, too, and found it very easy and quite rewarding. I used A LOT for tips, tricks and such. They have lists of what foods are for what age and all that. I steamed, baked and boiled whatever we were having for her (before seasoning ours) and whirred it up in the blender. Some of the thicker purees (like sweet potatoes and peas) I pushed through a strainer first (to get the fiberous bits out) and then added a bit of the cooking liquid to get a good consistency. When making more than one serving, I poured/spooned it into ice cube trays, froze it and popped the cubes out into a freezer bag…1 cube= 1 tablespoon. Easy peasy.

    We started P on rice cereal and quickly took her off of it…terrible, terrible, terrible constipation issues. She seemed to have probs with all the grains at first, so wwe went to veggies and fruits. Green beans, peas, carrots…apples, pears, peaches…you name it we, ate it. 🙂 I didn’t strictly follow the ‘guidelines’ on when to feed certain foods except for gassy stuff (beans, broccoli and cauliflower) and citrus fruits b/c of all the reflux issues that we had, too. I think she had strawberries early with no problem…and a few other things, too. She still hasn’t had peanuts but has has all other kinds of nuts with no problem. You’ll read different ideas everywhere about what food is best at what time…when to try this or that…everyone has an opinion about all of this too! ;D Just takw everything you read with a grain of salt, listen to your docs and follow your instincts. You’re the mama and know what your baby needs best.

    Happy baby food making! 😀

  2. brianne

    we started solids a little early (maybe 5 months), but i think you’ll know when your babe is ready. what i am “delurking” to say is this – i couldn’t breastfeed either. it was devastating. after suffering through infertility and then being robbed of breastfeeding, i was intent on making all of my baby’s food. and i just wanted to say to give yourself some grace if it takes too much time, is inconvenient, etc. kudos if that’s what you want to do and you’re passionate about it. but if you’re not, no worries. really, you do what you can do as a mom, but the most important is loving that little babe, which it is so evident you do, irregardless of the food going in 🙂

    • Thanks so much for your comment and delurking! Do you have a blog I could follow? Though at the moment, I am a really bad commenter/reader lol. I’m so glad to meet great people who get what I have been through. IF, then c-section, then couldn’t breastfeed. Not sure if you went through a c-section or not, but I did. Thanks for the knowledge of what is coming ahead and the feelings I may encounter. I really hope that making his food works out better than everything else has. I enjoy cooking (well I did when I had more time and wasn’t sick of the same recipes over and over) so I am hoping I will do well with this.

  3. Ooooh! You’re starting him on my birthday!! 😀

    Good luck! We’ve given B things here and there and he loves it.

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