Reflux tips

If you actually read my blog from my blog and not a google reader or something you will notice the different look.  I just picked a template that came with wordpress for a change. I will probably change it again at some point.  I am thinking of expanding this blog and writing about more things than just motherhood.  Maybe things I think are cool, day to day stuff, and food/cooking things.  Maybe that will get me writing more and get some of my readership back. Though I should just write for myself.  The rest will come.

Anyways – quick update on LM.  He’s doing well with PT. We go this afternoon and I’m interested to see if she notices differences. I do.  He actually grabbed some toys near his right side and rolled over last night so I think that’s proof.  We took him to the specialist appointment and they said of now he doesn’t need a helmet, yea!  They said wait until he’s about 6 months old and then we will reassess if I want too, but most likely it will get a lot better and to keep up with the neck stretching and PT.  I put him in a clean outfit this morning and it was fitting very tight lengthwise.  I checked the size and it’s 6months! Depending on the brand he’s in 6-9 month clothes, moving towards 9 months.  I’m not sure if I’m ready for this. I hope this means he will be taller like daddy.

Ok onto  my point of the entry.  I wanted to type out all my little hints and trips I have found to work with LM when he is refluxing and not wanting to eat. I know that some things won’t work for every baby, but if this could help someone out there I think that would be great.  I also want to hear other peoples tips and tricks to see if we can come up with a big list.  Ok onto the list.  I will start with the basics:

  • Thickened formula (LM is on Similac Ready to Feed for Spit up).
  • Have him sit up 30 minutes after eating
  • Tire him out a little before eating
  • Hold him in a position comfortable to him (on his side, cradle position, sitting up position, his back against mine work well)
  • Keep changing positions when he gets fussy
  • Breaks during feeding work well.  Come back to eating 5-10 minutes later
  • LM loves movement.  A little rocking helps a lot during eating
  • Getting up and walking while feeding helps
  • Feeding LM in his chair when he can’t get comfortable in my arms helps
  • When he is still fussy, making the chair rock back and forth while feeding helps
  • When he stops eating and isn’t going back again, burping helps, but sometimes not
  • I don’t take the bottle out of his mouth to burp him until he does it himself. That may go against what most people say, but it works for us.
  • Shhhhing him.  Sometimes that breaks his focus of whining and gets him back on track for eating
  • Going into a quiet room with the lights dimmed and no distractions

I bought a beco gemini soft structured baby carrier to also help. I’m hoping that having him in that and close to me while upright will help him feel more comfortable.  However, so far he has cried to get out of it after five minutes.  I am hoping that both of us just need to get used to it.  It came in the mail on sunday so I’ve only had it a little bit.  I’m having trouble reaching the straps in the back, but I like that it’s more straightforward in putting it on.

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  1. Those are all really great tips for reflux. We use some of those for Cadet, even though he doesn’t have many reflux issues. The tips about waiting until he pushes the bottle away is one we use too. If we separate Cadet from the bottle, he loses interest and goes on to other things. Sigh…babies.

  2. Love the new look! 🙂 I’m so glad LM is doing great. I hope your holidays are wonderful!

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