Stomach bug continued *edited*

I’m feeling better, but now the hubby has the stomach bug. No fun. Since everyone has had a turn with it I hope that means that we will be done with being sick for a while soon. I can hope anyways.

I was really wondering about his reflux medicine trouble so I called my dr’s office’s nurse line. I got lucky in that his pediatrician was on call and got to talk to her. After some run around and having to tell my story three times she said that I should try the prevacid again. He is on 2ml a day. She suggested that I split the dose and give him 1ml during the day and 1ml at night. She said he might just have a sensitive stomach and then the bug made it even more sensitive like I already thought. She said to give him the prevacid that way for at least a couple of days – to maybe tuesday or so and see how he does. If he is still throwing up at that point then she said that we might want to do an ultrasound or something to see more in depth whats going on. She talked about pyloric stenosis, but I seriously doubt he has that. So I guess I’m giving him 1ml of prevacid tonight. Hubs and I are not looking forward to it because we are both so tired of him throwing up and just want it to stop. However, if he does need an ultrasound I want him to get it and to catch whatever is wrong. Though he isn’t doing that horrible off his med’s. Though he is refluxing, you can hear it. As you can see I keep going back and forth. Maybe if we just wrap him in towels it won’t get all over him.

I had to convince the hubs to do it, but we gave LM 1ml of prevacid (dividing the dose) before his dinner bottle. We wrapped him up in a towel just in case he did throw up. So far it’s been 20minutes and no throwing up yet, woot. I’ll update again with what happened.

It’s now a bit over two hours since the prevacid and no throwing up! Yea! I think splitting the dose really helped. I’m wondering if him falling asleep and not being as aware helped things. We will see if we can get a repeat performance tomorrow morning 😉

*edited again*
Day lights saving time makes the time LM eats way too early ugh. So far so good on the morning dose. Checked my e-mail while waiting for the prevacid to kick in and got my daily e-mail from what to expect. The subject? How to take care of a child with rotovirus. LOL A little too late wte.

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  1. Oh my goodness! Poor LM. 😦 I’m so glad splitting the Prevacid dose is making a huge difference! I hope poor baby boy (and you guys!) are all on the mend!

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