GER and stomach bug

So last I wrote LM had the stomach bug and was throwing up and had diarrhea. We are now on day 6 of this marathon sickness. However, in the last few days I had noticed that he does well during the day with no throwing up and then later in the day he throws up. I started to wonder if it was the prevacid that was bothering him. He had only been on it for a few days (started right as he was getting sick) and I thought it might be upsetting his stomach. So I didn’t give it to him tonight. I did give him his zantac because I wanted him to have some reflux medicine in him. When I had talked to his doctor earlier I asked if he should be on reflux medicine when he’s sick because I didn’t want it to irritate his stomach and make it worse and they said yes keep him on it. So anyways, I gave him the zantac since he had been on it before and done fine and he threw up within five minutes.

That got me to thinking even more about his reflux medicines bothering his stomach. I had increased his zantac by .2 ml a few days before he got sick. I’m sure he did have the stomach bug at some point or still does because I managed to get it. I was up last night throwing up and had the chills. I was not able to get warm under all the blankets with socks and a robe on and my electric blanket on. I seem to be doing a little better now. However, I’m wondering if LM is having some sort of drug interaction or drug allergy to the reflux meds because of or independent to his stomach bug. I wondered if he were allergic, but I don’t think so because he was on the zantac before and he doesn’t have the red irritation around his mouth I keep reading about on the net when babies are allergic to things. However, I am not able to take penicillin type drugs. I don’t get the red rash, but I can’t keep it in me – I either throw up or it comes out the other end. So I’m wondering if this is something similar. I just want him to feel better and stop getting sick. I also want him to be able to have his reflux under control so he can have a calm feed. It makes me nervous because I have read that reflux peaks at four months and he is only a few weeks away from that.

Anyone have any input, suggestions, or anything? I could use some help figuring things out. I’m also not going to give him any medicine for a day or two and let his system calm down. Hopefully that will make the vomiting stop.

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  1. My little guy was also allergic to the prevacid. The Zantac didn’t bother him. We figured this out after they switched him to prevacid and he who used to take the medication happily outright refused. After a week we knew there was something up. So they switched him to prilosec and bam…all of the sudden he started to get better. I mean better than he’s ever been in his short life. So I think your fears are founded. We had the same problem. It upset his stomach. He *did* get a rash around his mouth though too, but it was subtle enough that it didn’t make me think allergy as soon as I saw it. I’d ask to be switched- it can’t hurt and you’d be able to tell right away if it’s the prevacid. Also, we get ours flavored and it may be why he sucks it down so willingly, however I do think he sees the relationship between the medication and feeling better.

    Also, I want you to know that since you’re little one had GERD that required a proton pump inhibitor medication like our little guy who just turned 6 months, chances are it’s not at the peak yet. Ours GI pedi told us it could be 2 years until it’s resolved. Not to scare you but to let you know that it may not be the peak.

    • Thank you so much for your comment. It’s good to know I might be on the right path. I’m wondering though why he threw up after the zantac when he was already doing well on it a couple of weeks before. Maybe his system is just so irritated from being sick and the meds? I wish he could talk and tell me what’s up lol. I’m also wondering if he “needed” the ppi. He was just fine on the zantac at .7ml, but then it stopped working as well so I got it upped to .9ml. A few days later he had the stomach bug and was throwing up. So maybe he didn’t need a ppi? Maybe the zantac was bothering him? I have too many questions.

  2. If I had the option to stick with zantac only I would. Our guy was up to 6 ml 2X daily so they told us he needed something stronger. That’s a big leap from what your little one is on. I would go back to them and question the need for a ppi, maybe increase your zantac to accommodate the need. The ppi drug is killing is stomach acid aggressively so if he did have a tummy bug this may have made things a bit worse. Maybe you could talk to the doc and try eliminating both and just giving him some gaviscon for flare ups and see how he does, as it could be the zantac too.

    Best of luck! Let me know if I can help at all.

    • Hmm that is a big amount of zantac. I’m not sure why they didn’t increase zantac more instead of prevacid. I did talk to his dr this afternoon and am going to write a blog entry about it. I feel like it’s always something *sigh*

  3. Sienna

    Girl, I’ve gone through all this so i coulda written this post. I have a few pediatrician friends and from what I was told, both Zantac and Prevacid are hard to be allergic to. But given what the first commenter wrote, it does happen. Pippa’s stomach bug affected her eating for two freaking long months, wherein I wanted to keel over from the stress. I experimented both with Zantac and Prevacid by stopping both for few days and her reflux got worse, so I added back in and kept it that way. The only thing I could do was wait out the bug leaving her system. Have no idea why it affected her nursing for as long as it did bc tummy bugs aren’t supposed to last that long. Hope little man is better very soon.

    • Two months? ew. How did it affect her feeding for that long? Was she just eating less or was she throwing up as well. I just called his dr this afternoon and am going to write a blog post about it.

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