Stomach bug

So remember when LM threw up when I picked him up from day care on Friday? Saturday after his dr’s appointment he pooped and it was a different color. Softer, and smelled really bad. After those two episodes LM has been not keeping much of what he eats down. It comes out one way or the other. We have been giving him formula and pedialite. Not fun and I feel bad for him because he’s so small. When he’s not eating/pooping/throwing up he is in his normal cheery mood.

Hubs took him to the doctor this morning after I was on the nurse line all weekend and they said he’s not dehydrated and it will probably run its course any time between a day or so to a week. I really hope it’s not a week. Though I wonder if some of his feeding issues were because of the stomach bug and not reflux. Fingers crossed he gets better soon. We’ve had enough of the sicknesses..

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  1. Poor little guy. I hope he gets better very soon!!!

  2. AP

    I’ve heard poop talk takes up lots of conversation once they get here! Hope you little guy feels better soon

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