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We increased LM’s zantac amount by a little a few days ago. For a day it went well, but then it didn’t seem to be working as well anymore. I was told to give it 3-4 days to see how it goes. Thursday night though, while hubs was feeding him he threw up. LM throws up occasionally when he has too much in his stomach or because of the reflux. Hubs woke me up from sleeping (I had gone to bed) to help him bathe LM since it was in his hair and everything. That was fun to wake up to. Then I went to pick him up from daycare on friday afternoon. He was fine, I put him in his car seat (which was an hour after he ate) and he threw up again. It was all over his outfit and in his car seat. LM normally doesn’t throw up that much and doesn’t normally do it that much in 24 hours so I called the doctor’s office when we got home.

I first talked to a nurse who took all my information down. She being just a nurse didn’t seem to give me a lot of direction, just that I should call and get an appointment with this weekend thing my doctor’s group has. So I called in and got an appointment and we went over this morning at 9am. The doctor’s visit seemed quick, but I guess cause we got right to the point and I had given them all the info that was in the computer already. Basically we switched LM from zantac to prevacid. I am hoping the medicine change will help him to feel better and give us a calmer feed. So *fingers crossed* LM also got weighed again which I enjoy. I guess being a data person I like having the data points. On Oct 20 he was 12lbs and 13 ounces and today 9 days later he is 13 pounds 6.5 ounces. So I guess I don’t have to worry about him losing weight.

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  1. Sienna

    I hope the Prevacid helps like it did for us. Pipster had puking episodes on Zantac too, but it was random when it would happen but the episodes we’re always clumped together. She’s never been a big spitter upper or anything, so the puking jags here and there were very stressful. I’m not sure why, but just an FYI thwt the first 3 doses thwt pippa took of Prevacid, she screamed bloody murder for hours after. jUST the first three doses. She was good after the screaming ended, and I have no idea if this is coincidence or not. But my theory is thwt since I was all of a sudden spurting 2mL’s of liquid in her mouth at ounce (as opposed to Zantac being 1mL), that she was merely reacting to the amount I was giving her, not the content of what I was giving. Just remember to squirt to the sides of his mouth!

    • Thanks for the heads up! LM has been on amoxocillan for his ear infection and he was on 3ml twice a day so I’m hoping he will be used to that. *fingers crossed*

  2. Prevacid was a miracle drug for us! We tried Zantac and Prilosec with no luck and then we used Prevacid and the kids were like new babies. Sophie’s pediatric GI doc even said that it can often reduce vomiting, too, over a longer period of using it, although they don’t understand why. Fingers crossed that this will help!!

    • thanks! this is good to hear! Though now he has some sort of gi bug. Ohy. I guess the germs of daycare.

  3. Reading thru the comments, I have to say DITTO! Prevacid was what worked for us, too (after trying Zantac and Prilosec). There was no liquid form available here, though…had to crush a tablet and dissolve it in water. Liquid would have been much easier! 🙂

    Hope this is what works for you…and that LM feels better very soon!

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