As you can tell by my title, I returned the moby. I was able to follow the instructions pretty easily to figure out how to tie it on myself. I don’t think it was tight enough though and I couldn’t figure out how to make it really tight. However, putting LM in it was another story. The first day I tried it out I kept trying to put LM in and he got frustrated with me lol. He got cranky and was really whiny the rest of the night. I probably should have practiced with a stuffed animal, but oh well. I could get him in on one side, but then couldn’t get the other side right and had trouble pulling the seatbelt part up. I made my hubby try it and he did really well since he is an engineer. He can pick up that sort of thing quick. He was able to get LM in fine, but didn’t think he had enough head support. I was able to get LM in in the end so that he was facing me, but he didn’t feel secure and I felt like he was going to move down lower. He fussed to get out a few minutes later. I just don’t like that I have to tie a bunch of stuff to get him in. I don’t trust my tying. I want something that buckles and gets rid of user error. I think when I take LM to the orthopedic doctor in a couple of weeks for his flat spot and torticollis I will ask him about the bjorn that we already have since I have heard some negative stuff about it and posture.

While I was returning the carrier I picked up something else I needed – a warm cover for his car seat. It’s been cold in the morning when I leave for work and I learned from classes that I’m not supposed to put a heavy coat on LM while he’s in his car seat. So I bought this cover thing that goes over the car seat so he will stay dry and warm during the winter. I’m looking forward to trying it out.

One more exciting thing – well two about one thing. One is that we upped LM’s zantac amount by .2ml in the morning and at night and he seems to be doing well with it. I’m not sure if it’s because of his bath last night or because of the right level of medicine, but he slept in until 5am for the first time in a few weeks! He had been waking up at 4:15 or 4:30am. I know that’s just thirty minutes, but yea for more sleep. The second exciting thing about his reflux is this morning I was talking to the ladies who take care of him at daycare. I asked them if they had any issues feeding him during the day and they said no. I said really? At home a lot of the time he will arch and push the bottle out of his mouth and whine and such. I asked them and I learned what they do to feed him – which isn’t really anything huge, but I think it will solve a lot of the stress we have during feeding which will make LM and I very happy. Basically when eating LM will suck down his first 2-3oz fine. Then he will stop and not drink the rest of it well. They let him drink as much as he want for the first part and then when he stops they put him down and let him have a 15-20minute break. Then they come back to it and he finishes it. They said he likes to eat when he’s tired which I have found as well because he’s not as aware of the reflux I suppose. It sorta makes sense. Your supposed to feed a baby with reflux small amounts more frequently so breaking it up probably helps when it flairs. I was doing this sorta before, but it’s a good reminder. I’m going to do this at our next feeding (in 30minutes) and see how it goes. I know we will still have some days when he fights me at every ounce, but hopefully this will cut down on most of the stress. *fingers crossed*

Nope. Still fussed a lot. Cut down a little on the fighting the bottle, but not really. Actually threw up last night when hub’s was feeding him. I’ll keep trying though.

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