My mother the other weekend realized something interesting. When LM is being fussy and not wanting to eat, feeding him while standing up and rocking from one foot to another or slowly walking around helps a lot. He starts eating and finishes the bottle a lot easier. I think part of why he needs this is that his reflux makes him uncomfortable and he has always liked walking around and the motion of it. This morning (4:30am) I know he was hungry, but he was fighting me at every ounce. He wasn’t screaming, just kept pushing the nipple out. Finally I started walking around with him in one arm and he did great. However, at the end my back really hurt. I started thinking to try to find a solution. The first thing I came up was a back supporter or something. I know they sell them for women while they are pregnant. The second thing I thought of is a baby wrap. I have a baby bj.orn I got as a shower present, but I’m not sure if it’s the best one to use. He can only face outwards or inwards towards me and he fusses in it. I also have read reviews that when a baby gets to a certain weight it’s hard on your shoulders. LM is now about 13 pounds so I’m sure he’s at that point. I felt it starting on my shoulders the last time I used it which was a while ago.

So my point to this entry is two fold. One, do you walk and feed your baby as well? How does that work for you? Second, can you recommend a baby wrap to me? I am looking for one that is reasonably easy to use, one I can bottle feed him in as well as walk around outside with him, and where it doesn’t bend him at the stomach so he can lay straight so his reflux isn’t agitated. Thanks in advance for your suggestions!

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  1. sienna

    pippa has reflux, so for a while feeding her was a big to-do. for a week straight, we fed her standing up. luckily, my husband was home that week. we put her in the baby bjorn, but didn’t snap the side shut that i was feeding her from. dh held her head and i shoved my boob in her mouth. it was very awkward and hard to do with boob, even though she drank well this way. but i have to think it is easier with a bottle. curious to know what you end up doing :o) sorry this isn’t more helpful. xoxo.

    • Hmm, I will have to try that with one side open. I’ll report back on how it goes 😉 You said “for a while her feeding was a big to do”. Does that mean it isn’t anymore? What happened to make it better?

  2. You can go to http://www.sevenslings.com and use the promo code FREE to get one. You just pay shipping so your total is $11.95 or $15.45 if you pay $3.50 for size exchange insurance. They have a detailed size chart that helps you pick the right size. I measured and went one size up when I got mine (I have a phobia about her not getting enough air so I figured a little wiggle room would be better) and I love it. It works great, they send you an instruction sheet on different ways you can wear it. K loves it and will eat well in it and usually falls asleep pretty quickly as well. Of course after a while my back still hurts but it does take some of the strain away from holding her. If anything it would be a cheap way to try a sling and see if you like it. They have some cute colors too 🙂

  3. P had reflux FOREVER (sorry!) and I had to nurse her the same way. We did the same with the baby bjorn and it worked well. So did the Moby wrap. It’s basically a long piece of fabric that you can tie several ways…it comes with instructions or you can g.oo.gle how to use it best for nursing. It runs about $40 but I picked mine up at a consignment shop for $15 and used it until I just physically couldn’t handle her weight in it anymore. Next time around (whenever that is?), I think I want to try a mei tai style sling…looks like it would be good for nursing, too. Good luck!

  4. Personally, I love my Moby wrap with Cadet. It allows for different positions, depending on what his/your needs are. Once he’s a little bigger, I will move him to the Ergo carrier, which is “back friendly” according to all my mommy friends. The Ergo will not bend his stomach and at 13 pounds, he doesn’t need the “newborn” insert.

    I hope you find something that works.

  5. I can’t speak to feeding in the wrap with the bottle, I do love our sleepy wrap. I think they are being re-branded to the boba wrap so you would have to look that up. It is similar to the moby and I use ours all the time. Almost always have one baby in it. I have breastfed in it but I had to sort of slide her down to be able to do it. But it’s a great wrap overall and unlike a sling, goes over both shoulders so would be easier on the back I think.

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