I’m still here. I’m more reading and commenting (yea, I finally caught up!) on people’s posts than writing on my own blog. I’m having trouble figuring out what to write.

We had a busy day yesterday. LM seems to like getting up at 4:15am. We got up, I gave him his zantac and fed him. We left for daycare and I dropped him off at 7:40. I worked from 8-1pm, picked him up, and then we went to wal.mart to buy some long sleeved footy pj’s. After shopping, we went over to his pediatrician’s. His ear infection is all gone (yea!), he got two shots, and he gained a pound since he was there about two weeks ago which makes him 12 lbs and 13.5 oz. He is in the 40th percentile for weight and around the 50th for length. Dr thinks he is going to have blue eyes. The zantac is going well. Especially since we got a syringe that is clear so we can actually see if it’s filled up enough and if there are bubbles. Before it was red and it was really hard to see. He had some issues with constipation when he came off his ear infection medicine, meaning he didn’t poop for almost four days. I was stressed, but he never seemed uncomfortable. I eventually gave him some water mixed with apple juice (nurse’s suggestion) and he finally went He’s making a lot more sounds, is smiling a lot, and doing great with tummy time. He also just moved up to drinking five ounces a feeding, yea! He has only been drinking 4oz each feeding for the longest time. If he didn’t have reflux the dr said she would suggest 6oz every feeding, but he’s not ready for that yet.

I’ve gotta run and go to work now. If there is anything you guys want me to blog about let me know! I am thinking of all of you!

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  1. Glad to hear the ear infection is gone and yeah for a good appointment! So glad to hear all is going well.

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