Things are better since I last blogged. The hubs is home which is a great thing. LM is also doing well with his medicine. His cold is going away and he’s less stuffed up. I hope that means his ear infection is going away too. He has been on meds for almost a week – it will be a week on monday. He seems to be spitting out more of his medicine recently which I take it means he is feeling better and a bit more feisty. We try to catch what he spits out with a baby spoon and get it back in his mouth, but I still wonder if he gets all the medicine he needs. He is getting better so I assume he is. The zantac is working. The screaming has almost completely disappeared. He still fidgets and moves around like he used too, but it’s better than screaming. He also fusses and whines when he has gas, but I’ve learned that with a really hard feeding where he has a lot of gas I give him some little tummies gas drops and it helps a lot after ten minutes or so. He doesn’t like the taste of the zantac, but the syringe thingy I got to use with it is hard to control so he tends to get huge squirts of it at a time. He likes the taste of his ear infection medicine – it smells like bubble gum, but he still spits it out/drools it out of his mouth a lot of the time. I have to be careful though because I am allergic to the stuff. I have to be careful to wash my hands after giving it to him so it doesn’t end up in my mouth. We are also keeping him upright 30minutes after he eats and have raised one side of his crib so his head is elevated some. This has been helping with his reflux.

We just completed my first whole week back to work and LM’s first week in daycare. I enjoyed being back at work and seeing all my friends again. I had a big meeting and felt like I got a lot done in the first week. I didn’t forget too much either. LM adjusted fine to daycare – I’m not surprised – he’s very easy going. I really like the women who work in his class. In one week he has become more aware of his surroundings and is starting to purposefully reach and use his fingers. He can’t quite grab and hold toys yet, but I feel like he is pretty close. I can’t believe he is almost three months. I’m sure that we are about to hit the three month grow spurt. I wonder what that will do to his eating. He is still eating 4oz bottles every three hours. We don’t give him more because he seems full after that and anymore he will probably have more spitting up/reflux issues.

Our daily schedule has worked pretty well as well. LM usually wakes up at 4:30-5am. I give him his meds and his first bottle when he wakes up and then he normally goes back to sleep soon after that. While he sleeps I make his bottles for the day, write out his sheet for the daycare, make/eat my breakfast, get dressed and finish/pack up anything I need too. I try to do most of the prep work the night before like showering, making my lunch, packing any bags we will need, and picking out what I’m going to wear. At about 7:10 I put everything in the car and then load LM up in his car seat and put him in the car as well. I drop him off at daycare around 7:45ish depending on traffic and then make it to work at 8am. I work till 1pm and then pick him up at about 1:10. Then we sometimes stop for an errand (the grocery store or something like that) and then we go home. He gets his next bottle and then usually an afternoon nap, though he doesn’t always take a nap. We play and hang out or I entertain him until hubs comes home around 6:30. LM gets another bottle, another dose of his meds, and he is usually tired by this point. He gets his last bottle at 9ish and then we put him in bed for the night.

What else…I’m in an in between stage with clothing. A lot of my maternity shirts are way big or make me still look pregnant. Yet, I can’t fit into a lot of my pre-pregnancy stuff. There is a small group of pre-preg shirts I can wear. I’m still in my maternity pants – I fit in them until you get to my stomach area. It makes it hard to find stuff to wear to work. I think I have more options for cooler weather, but still. I am hesitant to buy more clothes for work because I don’t know how long I will be in this size, but I probably should. I bought a zumba video game that I do at home in the afternoons a couple of times a week when LM lets me. It’s fun and I’m getting good at it. It’s a 20 minute workout. I should be supplementing with the treadmill or something else as well, but it hasn’t happened yet.

In other exciting news – I am getting my first post partum period. I wondered if I would without drugs, but my body managed to do it. I have bc pills, but I haven’t started taking them yet. I’m tempted to give it another month and see if I get my period again or not.

I will leave you with a picture of LM in cute outfit I put together a few weeks ago. I called it his GQ outfit.

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  1. You sound like such a pro with the nice routine you have going on. Amazing!

    I have been terrible at commenting on blogs, just feeling in a daze as I navigate this transition to almost parenthood, but not quite there, and yet also no longer TTC. Anxious for our little one, but feeling the start of a new chapter. I am very aware that I couldn’t have walked this IF journey without this community. So even though I don’t say it enough- thanks.

  2. It’s hard to keep up with commenting and reading. Especially when your pregnant and busy, I have been very bad at it recently as well so don’t feel bad. Just do what you can do. Thanks for the thanks though 😉 The routine took a while. I just followed his routine and watched what he normally did and preferred and worked it in to what I needed as well. You are so close!!

  3. Wow! I am impressed that you have such a good routine down! I am really glad that you are able to go back to work part time and that the daycare is so good.

    That picture of LM is too cute, very stylish!

  4. It is great to hear that your transition back to work went so smoothly. I have to go back the beginning of Nov. I am already somewhat worried about it. Your routine sounds awesome- what a great mom! Your little guy is so cute.

  5. Little Man is just too adorable! 🙂 You are so awesome – that has to be the smoothest transition back to work and into a new routine, ever! I was so emotional about going back to work! Now I’m glad to be back, but I still miss little girl during the day. 🙂

    I’m so glad LM’s reflux is getting better. I hope that cold is clearing up, too!

  6. Your schedule sounds amazing. I had a hard time finding time to brush my teeth in the course of 24 hours and you work full-time, take the little guy to daycare, exercise!!! I HATED the phase where I couldn’t wear ANY of my clothes. It made me want to never leave the house. 🙂

    • I only work part time so it’s a little easier.

  7. I’m crazy behind on my blog reading but getting there. I loved catching up on yours. I hope that things are still going well, your son is ADORABLE!

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