It’s only been a week since I blogged, but it feels like it’s been longer. I haven’t been reading a lot of blogs either, it’s been a busy time. Last Wednesday I started practicing going to day care with LM. I wanted both of us to get used to it, the routine, and to know what to do when I really went back to work. I really like his daycare. It’s close and the people are so nice. LM didn’t have any adjustment issues, but he’s so small I doubted he would. We started with going three hours on wednesday, four on thursday, and five on friday.

Monday was my first day back at work. I was glad to be back. I missed my co-workers, getting out of the house and doing something productive, and getting a little break in the day where I am not completely baby. I’ve been back two days now and all is well. I’m working five hours a day which is nice. The work day goes by very quickly.

We had been putting off taking LM to the doctor for reflux. I thought he needed to go but the hub’s kept saying oh I don’t think he needs it or that it will get better or whatever. I got sick of the crying during every feeding. It was so stressful and draining and I felt helpless that I couldn’t fix the problem for him. We did switch to the formula with the rice starch in it and it worked…for a few days. Then the screaming came back. Then during the weekend he developed a stuffy nose and a cough. I thought it might be part of relfux. I scheduled a sick visit and brought him into the doctor yesterday. I got a prescription for zantac which seems to help so far though he has only had two doses so far. We also found out that LM has an ear infection. Wasn’t expecting that, poor guy. So we got med’s for that as well. Our pediatrician said that him having an ear infection so young might be bad because that might be a sign that he is going to get a lot. I really hope not.

The curve ball is that hub’s went out of town monday morning because his grandfather died. I couldn’t go because I was just coming off maternity leave. So I have been taking care of a sick baby on my own. He did really well with the medicine and went to bed early at 9:30pm last night. However, he woke up and was in and out of sleep from 1-3am and finally got up at 3ish for his first bottle. I fed him and he never went back to sleep until we were ready to go to daycare at 7ish. He slept a lot at daycare and then has been cranky a lot of the time at home. I bet he is tired/not feeling well/and his meds are wearing off. He gets his next set of meds with his next bottle. I was supposed to go tonight to a open house sorta thing at his daycare, but with my hub’s out of town, me with little sleep, and LM cranky and needing to take two different meds I told them I couldn’t make it. Thankfully hubs gets home tonight.

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  1. So glad to hear your transition back to work went well! But sick baby sounds very hard! I hope he doesn’t get lots of ear infections!!! Get some rest, mama!

  2. sooz

    I hope the babe feels better! Not fun having to deal with little sick one without any help.

  3. FCblacksheep

    Wow you really are getting quite the introduction to motherhood. Sick baby with hubs out of town would suck. But you sound like you’re doing great. Hope he gets better. Glad you like the day care. That’s really important.

  4. Oh, poor little guy. I hope the ear infection clears up quickly and the Zantac eases up the reflux. And I hope you make it through ’til hubby gets home again!

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