Sleeping/Eating/Burping and a side note

Yes, it’s 6:33am on a Sunday and I’m blogging. I fed little man at 5am and I can’t get my mind to shut off so I can sleep. So I figured I would get my blog entry in my head posted so I can get to sleep.

A quick side note first – about my last entry. I felt weird writing it, posting it, and keeping it up. It is my blog and I feel like I should post what I’m feeling since that’s what it’s for, but I want to clarify something. I’m not sitting there worrying all day/freaking out/going woe is me. I just think too much and over-analyze a lot of things. I plan. I hope it didn’t bother anyone or anyone still in the IF trenches. I think of you often and especially after my last post.

Ok onto the “meat” of my post.

I think little man just slept through the night for the first time. Hubby fed him at 10pm, he had 4 ounces, and then he went to bed. I woke up to him making noise on the monitor at 5am. I was like 5am? Too early, he had been waking up at 5:30-6am. But, then hubby said that he hadn’t fed him at his normal 3am feeding. He slept through! That is a seven hour stretch! Wow. I wish the stretch lasted a little later than 5am, but who am I to complain! Now, if I could just get back to sleep again.

With eating little man usually gets 4 ounce bottles through the day. He seems to get tired and full after 4 ounces and I don’t see him eating a lot more unless we really stretched the time between his feedings. He feeds every three hours. I was trying to make it every four earlier, but then I realized that it made his last feeding a lot later at night and I felt like it was harder to get the right amount of formula in him for the day since he tends to eat 4oz a session a lot of the time. I also thought that if we consistently fed him every three hours he would have enough in his belly to sleep through the night better. How many of you who formula feed go by the 2.5 x baby’s weight divided by the amount of feedings to figure out how much formula they should be eating? Do you follow it to the letter or follow it loosely? Hubby thinks that we don’t have to focus so much on the formula and the number, that we should just feed him when he’s hungry. I have been thinking about how to get more formula in him earlier in the day so that he gets the right amount approximately, but finishes earlier in the day. I find he goes to sleep for the night usually around 7-8pm. This makes feeding him at like 10pm at night hard since he’s usually passed out. However, last night he was awake and ate which got him to the right amount of formula according to the formula so maybe that is why he slept through the night.

Burping. Little man can burp loudly and it makes me laugh. Little man also tends to get gas so we try really hard to burp him when he’s eating. We usually burp him multiple times during a feeding. We will wait until he takes the bottle out of his mouth or wriggles around and shows us that he needs a break. However, a lot of the time it feels like burping him takes longer than actually feeding him. We will try multiple positions and keep trying during the feeding, but sometimes he just won’t burp. Maybe he doesn’t have too, especially since we are using Dr Bro.wn’s bottles that are supposed to help with gas, but a lot of the time not burping slows down the feeding because he has an air bubble somewhere or maybe it slows it down because we keep trying to burp him. How often do you guys burp your babies? I am sure it’s different with breast fed babies, but I’m just wondering.

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  1. Little Bird is eating 3.5 ounces 6 times a day. He has STTN 4 times, 3 of those this week alone. I am pretty diligent about sticking to our schedule, but if I can see that he’s fussing and can’t be soothed, we adjust on the fly! LB eats at 8:30am, 12:30pm, 3:30pm, 6:30pm and 9:30 pm. Then there is one “overnight” feeding. LB is very inconsistent about the time of night he wakes up, but this week slept from 10pm until 5:30ish 3 times. At 5:30 we fed him 3.5 ounces and then bumped the 8:30am feeding to 9am and then kept the rest the same. I am not an early morning person, so I’m hoping to train LB to sleep 10pm-8am eventually.

    I’d never read about the formula formula that you posted, I’ve just followed LB’s cues as to how much he’s eating. At our last peds visit, he encouraged me to get LB to eat more, but he was only eating 2.5 ounces at a feeding at that point, and kinda made the jump later that week to the 3.5 himself. I took him to get weighed last week and he’d gained a little over a pound. I figure as long as he’s growing, I’m not going to worry about it. I will say though that according to the formula you posted, LB is eating just under what it comes out as… it says 3.547… per feeding, LB eats 3-3.5 except for his last at 9:30pm he only takes 2 ounces.

    As to the burping, I tend to burp LB too much and was making him mad (taking his bottle away!). And I read that babies on average only need to be burped every 2-3 ounces. I still try to burp him mid-feed and then at the end. But sometimes that changes. He was really struggling at lunch the other day and I ended up burping him every half-ounce or so! Poor thing! LB takes 3.5 ounces no faster than 30 minutes, and if I let it, it can last 1 hour. He’s just a slow eater and I usually don’t need to be anywhere, so why rush him? In the case of a longer feeding I burp him more.

    Love comparing notes with you!

    • Thanks for posting such a great response 😉 I love comparing notes with you as well. Little man usually takes about 30-45minutes to eat. Wow on little bird sleeping through the night like that 😉 LM usually sleeps from his last feeding till about 2-3am and then again at 5-6am. Hubs was glad not to have had to get up and I hope we get a repeat performance tonight. I feed him every three hours, but like you said the actual time per day and even per feeding changes. I will start on monday at 2am and then tuesday at 3 and today started at 5am. So the start time for the day changes. Also he may not make it till the next feeding without getting hungry, so sometimes I’ll feed him 15min early or something like that. One easy way to find out what little bird weighs is to get on the scale holding him and then get on the scale again and just subtract the two. Makes it nice not have to go to the ped’s to find out how much he weighs. As far as the burping I tend to burp him more because of the gas and because he tends to spit up if we feed him alot and then wait to burp. Hopefully we will find a happy medium soon.

  2. kelly

    Yep, I read that about how much formula. That would never work for Baby A! We feed her whenever she’s hungry. At first, it was every four hours. Now, she’s eating smaller amounts but more frequently, although she does sleep through the night!

    We aren’t worrying about a schedule, either. Until she’s worked out growing/eating/sleeping, we felt like it would be too much. She usually sleeps 7-9 hours a night (sooo lucky that she’s been doing this for about two weeks) and wakes up at around 5-7am. It’s been nice! 🙂

  3. my kid must be a porker. He’s taking an average of 25 ounces a day and at his ped appt last week he was 8 lb 12 oz although I am positive he’s over 9 lbs now almost a week later.

    As for burping, I learned a trick this weekend from my MIL. I thought I didn’t have anything else to learn about burping etc because I was an infant daycare teacher for so many years but I guess I did! 🙂 When she fed him and it was time to burp she sat him up and leaned him forward and then back several times before leaning him forward to pat his back. Most times doing that now he burps before I even need to pat his back. And he was getting really difficult to burp.

    He does spit up a lot and I’ve gone from burping every ounce to just halfway through the bottle and at the end and that has helped with him spitting up, too. 🙂

    And, TOTALLY jealous of the sleeping through the night!! I can’t wait til that happens! We have a bottle around 11 or 12 then one between 4-5 and then another 8-9.

  4. I don’t know why, but I have never been good at getting my baby to burp! My mom and hubby are pros, but I can rock and pat and jiggle away and … nothing. But the moment I hand her to either of them, she immediately lets one out that would put a truck driver in a diner to shame! There must be an art to it I’m missing.

    • I guess they just primed the pump for you 😉

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