6 weeks

My six week postpartum visit is over. Not exactly how I thought it would go. I knew I had a speculum exam coming and I was not happy about this. However, I tried to tell my brain not to make a big thing out of it and that I could do this. My appointment was at 2:15 and we didn’t get called back until past 2:30pm. I thought it was just because I was seeing the actual OB doctor like I had written down, but no I didn’t even get to see the real doctor, it was just a nurse again. If I ever do have another baby I might change offices so I can see a doctor more often. It was cold in the office and so I got the receiving blanket out of the diaper bag. However, when I opened the bag I found that the bottle I had prepped for little man had leaked all over the blanket so that was no good. I was mad that happened.

The nurse comes in and asks how I am and we did the normal talking thing. She looks at my scar and says half of it has a yeast infection (!) and the other half on the end isn’t totally healed and is a little open. So she proceeds to poke it with a q-tip that hurt! So I have a cream for the yeast and I have to wash the open part with hydrogen peroxide. Then she has me scoot down to the bottom of the table for a pap. I was dreading this part and I did my best, but of course I still didn’t do that well. I don’t know why I felt more comfortable the last time I did it at the RE’s office, but *shrugs* She had to go really slow and I am sure I made it worse by not relaxing my muscles, but I just can’t when I have those exams. I guess I should take some xanax or something when I have them. I managed to get it done so I guess that’s what matters. Then I talk to her about how I’m still leaking urine a bit, so right after the pap she sticks her hand up there again to do a cervical check to feel my pelvic wall muscles or something. I had a hard time with those while pregnant and barely could get them done. I was so thankful when I had an epidural because they made them bearable. She was able to feel that my uterus was in the right position, but wasn’t able to feel my wall muscles because I had such a hard time with it. She said that it’s probably just because of the pregnancy and that I need to do kiegels. She said they normally just send people to physical therapy, but doing that means a lot of pelvic exams and she knows that would kill me so instead she gave me strict instructions to do them at home for two months at every stop light and during every commercial so that I have a good chance in not having to do it. She also checked my urine to see if I had an infection, but she said she doubted it. It makes me really nervous that the kiegels might not fix it. I do not want to have to go through routine cervical and pelvic exams. Between the pap, the cervical check, and having to possibly to the physical therapy with cervical checks I beat myself up in my head all the way home.

When it came to birth control it seemed like she didn’t really read my file all the way beforehand. My questions were guiding her to her decisions and that annoyed me. She knew I had an iui so she was like you had infertility issues? I was like yea for a year and a half. She was like well then maybe depending on how careful you want to be you don’t have to be on anything. I was like well what about cycling every month? She said, oh you have pcos? I was like yea… She said I could use many different forms, whatever I wanted. She said I could be on a birth control, a patch, or just provera every three months. We talked about going on the pill, but one that won’t completely shut down the testosterone so that I will have a sex drive. She went and looked it up and picked one – Ov.con 35. When I got home I looked it up on the internet and it scared me. A lot of people wrote about mood swings, anger, breakthrough bleeding, nausea and such especially on the generic Bal.zva. I was nervous to take this, but I went and got it filled just in case I decided to take it later. When I got it filled I got Zen.chent which is another generic and seems to have a little better reviews, but it still makes me a little nervous. Some of the reviews talk about how much it increased their sex drive so that might be interesting to try. So we shall see.

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  1. FCblacksheep

    I hate it when nurses/doctors/health care professionals just don’t get it. Like OK yeah lady you’re right, I did have infertility issues so I might be OK but what about just having a normal ass cycle and reducing cancer risks? Frustrating. You shouldn’t have to be that on top of your care. The other day I was talking to the doctor at the perinatal center and we were talking about the PCOS. He looked at me and said “most people with PCOS are overweight.” Well no shit but I’m not and I still have it. Did he think I was making up the diagnosis? Two years of infertility. Hello?!? Sorry for the rant.

    Anyway, sorry the appointment didn’t go as well as hoped but at least it’s over and you’re addressing the lingering problems so you be fully healed and healthy!

  2. FWIW, Ovcon (& its generics) are the only BCP I can take with no bad side-effects. It helped my sex drive and my acne.

  3. I agree with you that if you get pregnant again you should switch providers. I would think that at your 6 week check-up you should of seen a doctor. I mean nurses are great, but a dr is going to be more thorough. I would not feel comfortable only seeing a nurse. What a bummer about your incision… I hope it starts getting better soon. Hopefully the trusted kegals do the trick.

  4. 6 weeks already! Sorry your appointment didn’t go very well – this sucks that you didn’t see a doc, and only saw a nurse. I definitely agree that when you get pregnant again you should switch docs – maybe even before that! Keep up with those kegels!!! I hope this is all you need!!!

  5. I can’t believe it’s already 6 weeks!

  6. I can’t believe Little Man is six weeks already! My maternity leave just seemed to fly by. I wish it could’ve gone on forever!
    I’m so glad your appointment is over. I wish it had gone more smoothly for you. I’ve been with my OB for 12 years, and he’s been there through the whole IF ride. And he still asked if I needed birth control after Davie was born! Guess he forgot I came with the built-in kind of birth control.

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