Pulled it out

Today I managed to pull it out. No, that’s not what I mean you dirty thinkers 😉 Though hubs and I did have a little fun the other night without violating the six week rule. I guess being off birth control and not stressing about cycles or something going wrong is good for me.

I mean I pulled it out because this morning little man was cranky. He normally naps a little after his morning bottle around 7ish and then again at 10ish. However, this morning he was working on a poop and was cranky. He would just about fall asleep in my arms so I would put him in his pack and play and then he would wake up and whine. I would give him his pacifier and he would spit it out and whine. By the time he finally did get a little sleep I had to wake him up to eat. I normally would let him sleep. However, it had been four hours since his last bottle. If it was only three hours I would have let him sleep. I could not get him to burp though. He finally pooped and kept pooping through three diapers. I thought he would calm down after that, but he was still whiny and didn’t nap much. He also got gas because I could not get him to burp during his last feeding after trying four positions. Then when he was calming down again he started whining and I realized he had peed his outfit. So I changed him, gave him another bottle at the right time and then he finally calmed down and took like an hour or so nap around 1ish. I also got a little bit of a nap so yea for that.

After he woke up I gave him a bottle and then got him in his car seat for our first trip together to the grocery store. I didn’t go to the mom and baby class this morning because I was not in the mood. I didn’t get a huge amount out of it last time, we just got through the hurricane, and he hadn’t pooped since the day before. So instead we went out to the grocery store in the afternoon. I had a list written out so I knew exactly what to get and I wouldn’t be wandering the isles. The hardest part I think was trying to figure out how to position his car seat in the shopping cart. I tried the big shopping cart first. His seat took up almost the entire space of the cart with the front part pushed in. I didn’t try putting him in the front part of the cart because it looked small, but maybe I’ll try that next time. I ended up just using one of the smaller carts that have a top and a bottom part underneath. I put his car seat in the top part and put all the groceries underneath in the bottom part. I don’t think I could do a huge shopping trip on my own, but this worked out pretty well. He enjoys being in moving things – cars, strollers, etc., so the movement of the shopping cart worked well. He stayed asleep the whole time until I was loading him in the car. The drive home put him back to sleep again. So yea for going out again today. Wednesday we will be going out again for my 6 week ob appointment.

Speaking of poop earlier on in this entry I have two questions that I am wondering about. I am having issues with changing his diaper when he poops. He always seems to poop in small quantities. Like he will poop and I will be like ok it’s time to change your diaper. Though he won’t always make the noise that lets me know he went so sometimes I just have to guess or I will smell it. I will go to clean him up and then he will start going again. I say ok let’s clean you up and he will go again. I feel like I should just wait five minutes or something before I open his diaper and clean him up, but I’m not sure how long I want him to sit in a dirty diaper and how long it will take him to finish going. I talked to my mom and she said try putting a paper towel under him to catch the poop so I don’t have to use so many diapers in one diaper change. They are expensive and I’m trying to figure out a solution. Also, our diapers have a line (I call it the pee line) that changes color when he has gone to the bathroom. However, I am not sure if I should change his diaper each time if he has only gone a tiny bit of pee (I can tell by the small amount of color change on the line) or just let him use that diaper a bit more until he has gone more to get more out of the diaper.

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  1. FCblacksheep

    Yeah, I totally thought that from the minute I saw the blog title. LOL. Yay on the fun!

    Poor baby boy and poor you but sounds like he got better. Nice tip on the cart and I’m so glad you wrote about that. I was actually kind of fearing the first trip because I didn’t want to feel like a dumb ass trying to squeeze that thing in there. Chances are I’ll have plenty of moments of feeling and looking like a dumb ass.

    As for the poo thing, in my one baby care class she actually told us to not change the diaper the second the baby poops. She said wait about 10 or 15 minutes (not too long) but a little bit since babies often poop in spurts like he’s doing. As for the pee, the biggest fear I think is rash, no? So maybe if you kind of play around with it and see if you can wait a little bit without having a rash or him getting uncomfortable and then by that time he’ll probably have peed more. Again, not too long but I think a few minutes won’t hurt.

    • I’m going to try to put it in the front of the cart next time, but yea the smaller cart seems to work best so far. An yes, I’ve felt like a dumb ass a bunch of times since having little man. It’s the way we learn and get through to the next thing that makes us look stupid 😉

      Interesting that you learned that in your class. I wish they had covered it in mine or maybe I just wasn’t paying attention. I’m going to try timing him and waiting five-ten minutes next time and see how that works. Thanks for the tip!

  2. You don’t have to change it every time it gets wet — I usually just do it shortly after they eat (works out to every 4 hours here) unless they have gone a lot and the diaper seems full or they are upset about it. As for poop, if he’s going a little at a time try waiting like blacksheep said — no harm in sitting in it for a little bit if it’s just a little and he has more to go. It’s not like you’re letting him go for a nap with a dirty diaper. Diapers sure are expensive!!

  3. sooz

    I don’t have any advice for the shopping cart situation or the diaper situation, but it sounds like things are going pretty well and life is settling in! I’m really happy to read all your posts and find out how the little guy is doing.

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