Postpartum birth control

My 6 week postpartum appointment is fast approaching. Little man will be six weeks on Sunday and my appointment is Wednesday afternoon. Hubs is looking forward to it because he is ready to be able to have s.ex again. It’s been a bit of a drought for him. I was never in the mood because I’m me and have libido issues, because of all the drugs I was on, and because I was paranoid something was going to happen to my pregnancy. One time we did do it during the pregnancy was right before they found something weird on the ultrasound and sent me to M.F.M. It later turned out to be nothing, but it freaked me out. It’s been a while. I am not looking forward to my appointment because I know a speculum exam is waiting for me. Hopefully I will be able to tolerate it and do alright.

In typical me fashion I have been researching. I want to figure out what sort of birth control I’m going to ask for when I go to my appointment. I could just say nothing since I went through all this IF crap, but I am so not ready to have another baby so in the .2% chance that it’s possible to get pregnant naturally. I do wonder if pregnancy “fixed my body”. You hear about that urban myth sometimes and I wonder if it’s possible, but I doubt it. My first thought is the pill. I have been on the pill for years and years before trying to get pregnant. I’ve been on a few types, but I can’t remember the names of all of them. The last one was yas.min and it’s generic version. I didn’t really like either, but the generic was not good. Since I have PCOS I think it would be good to be on something that sort of regulates my hormones so that I have a period every month and maybe there is one out there that can increase my libido. When I first started at my RE’s office I mentioned my libido and they said it was because of my PCOS and my unbalanced hormones, but that they couldn’t give me anything to fix it since I was trying to get pregnant. I can’t remember what exactly it was, maybe testosterone? Not sure. I’m not sure it was testosterone since don’t people who have PCOS have too much? Anyways, it would be good to be able to take something to give me a boost of that. If I don’t get that in the pill form, maybe they can give me something in a different form.

My other thought is not to go back on the pill and to just use condoms. I know that the pill just masks a lot of the symptoms of pcos and that I am not really “fixed”. It might be nice to let me hormones calm down and just be. However, I don’t have normal cycles at all and am not sure when my periods would come. I can see that becoming stressful and I know not having regular periods every three months or so can be an increased risk for bad things. So not sure how they would handle that. An no, I am not interested in anything that they have to insert like the cup or an iud or anything like that. So that’s where I am. I’m going to just chat with my doc, and see what we come up with.

I also want her to check out my c-section scar. It is healing and I am driving and picking up stuff now. However, sometimes it does still bother me at times and it’s still pinkish in parts. Hopefully all is well with that.

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  1. I’d go without myself, but I know that’s not for everyone. I’d definitely just talk it out with your dr. Maybe something like the shot that’s good for like 6 months?

  2. Good luck at your appointment. I am sure that you and your doctor will come to the conclusion that is best for you and your family.

  3. I don’t think we aren’t going to do any BC postpartum. I am overcome with laughter when I think that we would get pregnant 3 months after our baby is born after all we went through!!!!

  4. I’m so happy to hear you admit that you haven’t had sex but once during your pregnancy. It’s the same for me – once so far, and it was not good. Neither of us seem that interested, as we’re both too afraid to screw something up!

    Back before I started TTC, I used Nuvaring. Yes, you have to insert it, but it’s super easy, you don’t feel anything, and you leave it in for three weeks, take it out for a week and have a period, then put a new one in. It was a definite no-stress, rarely think about, kind of BC.

  5. Can’t be six weeks already! Little Man is growing so fast! I hope your appointment went smoothly and is all over now!
    My OB actually asked me about birth control and I just laughed! But you’re right, it might help with the PCOS symptoms.
    I always enjoyed sex before pregnancy, but then I was sick for so much of it. And since she’s been born, there’s so much emotion and drama! Breastfeeding, going back to work, day care … it all takes my focus away from it. I know I’ve got to get my focus back soon, poor hubby!

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