I have thought about writing for a while, but put it off because I didn’t want it to be a total downer. I’m doing fine as is little man. He will be five weeks on Sunday. Does that mean last week he was one month old since it was four weeks or was he one month old yesterday since he was born July 17 and it was August 17 yesterday? Anyways, the things that are getting to me is the whole getting used to being a mom, the sleep loss, and my brain. I keep over analyzing everything, worrying I’m doing something wrong or missing something I should be noticing and fixing, and just wondering if I’m being a good enough mom. My mother says that I need to get out more with the baby and that will stop some of the over analyzing, but I’m not sure. That is how my brain works. I do need to start slowly going out with him, I think I’m just nervous. Not having to work all day every day is nice, but it’s also getting kinda lonely/tiring. I wish I had some friends nearby, but everyone is at work. I also miss my husband. I see him in the morning for 45 minutes or so before he goes to work and then I see him when he gets home for dinner. After dinner it’s his turn with the baby while I get a bit of a break, we have an hour or two to be together/take care of the baby and then I go to bed so I will have enough sleep to be able to get up early and take care of the baby all day. See that was a total downer. Don’t mind me. I have hesitated to write all that because this was/is a IF blog and I don’t want to insult all of you who are still in the trenches. Who am I to complain when I have a beautiful son who I worked so hard to get? I’ve also started thinking about when he starts going to day care. We are going to do some trial runs at the end of September and then he starts for good the first week in October when I officially start back at work. I hope he won’t be the youngest one there. I’m sad that I have to put him in day care and leave him for a bunch of time, but in a way I’m glad that I will get some time to myself to be at work again and he will get some good care and new experiences he might not get with me.

Ok onto the title…

This is the first week that I have had little man full time. Hubby is back at work full time and it’s just me and the baby. I am following little man’s cues and am starting to notice a routine. He wakes up for the day around 6am. I give him a bottle, and then take him into bed with me. Sometimes he will dose off/sometimes he will be fussy/and sometimes he will just be. Around 9ish we go downstairs I make him another bottle/snuggle with him a little and then I put him in his pack and play while I make/eat breakfast. Afterwards I try to give him some tummy time. He is getting pretty good. He can get his legs up in the air and actually managed to flip from his back to his stomach yesterday. I was amazed. He didn’t replicate it yet though. Once he starts getting tired of tummy time he starts to get fussy so I try to calm him some and then swaddle him for his nap. He usually starts to nap around 10:30ish. He needs to be swaddled tightly or he really fights going to sleep. If he isn’t swaddled tightly he also continuously knocks his pacifier out of his mouth with his hands and cries until I put it back in. If I’m lucky he will sleep for about two hours, but if he is feeling fussy it will be less. I usually try to jump in the shower at this point since this is the most sound of a sleep he tends to have. He is a very loud sleeper. He moves around and grunts loudly in his sleep. He will wake up during sleeping, especially if he has gas, but then will go back to sleep. It’s kinda funny to be listening to the baby monitor in my room and hear these loud farts coming from his room.

After he wakes up I feed him another bottle and then I get to eat lunch. Sometimes I try to eat lunch before he wakes up. He is on a eat every three hours schedule, though I’m trying to move it to every four. Sometimes he is able to go four and sometimes he doesn’t. We are working on it. I switched him back to the liquid concentrate normal version of si.milac. He just seem to do the best on it. Once he wakes up for good I try to play with him. We do some more tummy time, I talk to him, walk around the house with him. He will start to get cranky again after playing so I will put him back in his pack and play to give him some time to calm down and see if he will take another nap. During this time I will do a couple of chores around the house and clean the bottles we have used so they have enough time to dry and be used again by the time I need them. He will sometimes sleep a little, but we usually just end up hanging out for a bit. Around 4:30ish he will take another good nap and usually wake up just before hubby gets home. I will be feeding him a bottle or just finishing when hub’s gets home. Hubby and I will make dinner and try to finish it before he starts squaking again. After dinner we will hold him and talk to him, feed him, and sometimes he sleeps a little. On sunday, tuesdays, or thursdays, we give him a bottle around 8ish and then we give him a bath. His umbilical cord has finally come off which is great, but we are holding off on giving him a real bath just to give his belly button a little time. On bath nights after he manages to go to sleep he sleeps really well. We usually put him to bed for the night around 9-10 and then he will sleep for about four hours and wake up around 1-2am. Hubby will give him a bottle and put him back to bed. Then he will wake up again around 5:30-6, when I give him a bottle and we start the day again.

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  1. Awww, it gets better! I know it turned for me around six weeks and it stopped feeling like the world revolved around feeding, napping and diaper changes. This time isn’t easy at all. I felt the same way. And the last thing I wanted to do was “get out.” I wanted to nap and try to figure out my babies! You’ll be sleeping again soon and out and about before you know it!

  2. Thanks so much for your comment. It made me feel better. He will be five weeks this sunday so the fact that it turned around for you at six weeks gives me hope. That isn’t that far off. I’m glad that I’m not the only one who hasn’t wanted to get out of the house much either.

  3. It’s your blog, so feel free to b*tch away. No one ever said having a baby was easy – you have a right to complain just as much as any new mom. So don’t feel bad.

    Hopefully, things start getting better for you soon! 🙂

  4. Jem

    Is there a “Baby and Me” class where you can meet other new moms? It might help to know you are not alone and to have people to share with and something to look forward to. Or a yoga class for new moms?

    Don’t apologize for anything you say on your blog. Doesn’t offend at all. Of course it’s hard being a new mom. Just because you worked so hard to become a mom, doesn’t mean it’s smooth sailing once you pop him out!

  5. It sounds like you are doing an amazing job!!! And please, it’s your blog, feel free to b*tch away!!!

    I agree with what Jem said. See if there is a Baby and Me class around you. Even if there isn’t one, just head to a local park. Mostly likely there will be other mothers around there that you can talk to. You might also want to see if the hospital you gave birth in has a support group for new mommies.

    I know that it’s hard, but trust me, you’re doing a great job!!!

    • Thanks for your comment 😉 I will check out what groups are around me. I know my hospital does have a new mom’s group, but it is attached to a breastfeeding group. Since I am not breastfeeding I have been hesitant to go because I don’t want to be the only one who isn’t breastfeeding. I will have to ask the hospital about it though. Today was already better. I got a few things done, walked down with the baby to get the mail and read his cues better. Yea for that.

  6. FCblacksheep

    Agreed with all of the above — it would probably really help to have some new mom interaction and you can write whatever you feel. I actually want to thank you because this is really making me think about what it’s going to be like and how to best weather the transition. And when I am in the thick of it, to maybe not be so hard on myself because I know I’m not alone. I 100% believe it’ll get much better real soon and I also believe you’re doing amazing. Keep reading his cues and go with the flow.

    Also, he flipped already??? That’s way early, no?

    • It is way early. He’s advanced *grins*, though it might have been a fluke. I haven’t gotten him to replicate it. According to a website I was reading he wasn’t supposed to do that until 3-4 months.

      I did look on the hospitals website and the new mom’s course isn’t as breastfeeding heavy as I thought and I think I’m going to go. The next get together is this coming monday morning so *fingers crossed*

      I’m glad I was able to help you in a small way. When you are in this position I hope I will have weathered the storm and be able to provide you with more advice and help you through it.

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