Trials of breastfeeding

I have many entries in my head of stuff I want to write an tell you guys about. However this entry is going to be about my main trouble at the moment.

When Little man was first born I was 100% breastfeeding. I wanted skin to skin within the first hour like all my classes said we should do and thought I did well the first few real times I tried feeding him. I told the great news to the lactation consultant. I later learned that most of that time he was asleep on my boob. He has been very sleepy during feedings and is just starting to be a bit more awake.

After the first day he developed jaundice because of my abo incompatibility (I have a negative blood type an he is positive). He also wasn’t peeing so we started him on some formula to supplement. I would try the boob and then he would get formula. Soon after we also added pumping for 20 minutes. It’s a long process especially when I’m doing it every three hours.

Anyways we keep waiting for my milk to come in because we are hopeful once that happens he will be more interested an breastfeed more. However with my pcos I’m not sure when/if it’s going to come in. Friday will be 5 days after he is born so I’m hoping very soon. When I pump I get a very tiny bit of white liquid/moisture but that’s about it after twenty minutes with a double electric pump.

I know I should be just happy he’s here and that feeding him just formula is ok and he will still be fine. However it’s just another thing in the long line of stuff that didn’t go as planned – IF, being induced, having a c-section etc. I just hope things straighten out soon. If not I will be calling the lc again.

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  1. I am sorry to hear all of that. I have heard that PCOS can cause breastfeeding to be difficult as there is a lack of milk. You will figure out what works for both of you. Thinking of you!

  2. Oh sorry to hear that this is proving to be difficult. It seems so unfair for everything to go not as you hoped (IF, induc, c-section). Yes you are happy he is here but I get not being thrilled that everything seems so tough. I hope this area turns around for you but also go easy on yourself if it doesn’t.

    • Thanks so much for your comment. Hopefully things will turn around soon.

  3. Katie

    Breastfeeding is challenging at first! If I can impart any advice, it would be to stay patient and keep pumping and putting him to the breast as much as possible. I had a c-section too and it took my milk FOREVER to come in. Stick with it, and I promise you’ll be so glad you did in the end. It is the most rewarding experience I’ve had as a new parent. Congratulations on your beautiful baby boy!!!

    • Thanks so much. Glad to hear your point of view knowing that you went through the exact same thing. I’m going to keep the course and hopefully all will straighten out soon. Did you use any drugs to make your milk come in faster or anything like that?

  4. CONGRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAATS on your absolutely beautiful little man!!!

    It took me and the babies a couple of weeks before we “clicked” with BFing. In addition to waiting on milk, I think babies are SO TIRED when they first enter the world that it can hard for them to latch. But please do not let the fact that he’s getting formula alarm you….for my babies, it did not negatively effect their ability to get on the boob at all. They were tiny when they were born and our docs had them on 100% formula the first few days. Slowly, I was allowed to start nursing them. It all worked out just fine! Hang in there Mama, you are doing awesome!! xoxo

    • Thanks so much Egg 🙂 I never thought I would make it to the “other side” lol. Glad to hear that it’s normal to take a little while to click on the whole breast feeding thing. I can see he is more awake and understanding it a little more. Also good to hear that after being on formula your cute babies still wanted breast milk. I guess they all just want food in the end and mom’s comfort is great too 😉

  5. sienna

    hey there – my milk didn’t come in until day six and i have pcos too. my friend who also has pcos, her milk didn’t come in until day 8, but it did come in. we both supplemented a bit until the breast milk was enough. hope it works this way for you too :o) xoxo.

    • Thanks so much. It’s great to hear that going past the 5 or so day period everyone keeps saying my milk will come in is ok and that people have done it. Hopefully it will happen soon.

  6. thanks so much for your comment. Yea pcos is a fun thing isn’t it :/ Thanks for the support!

  7. brianne

    i am so sorry that breastfeeding isn’t working great right now. hopefully everything will be great – but i wanted to share something that no one told me. i had my little girl june 3 after a successful IUI. i didn’t ovulate on my own, blah blah blah – you know how it goes. no one, not my RE, not my OB, NO ONE told me that i may have supply issues because of my PCOS/fertility issues. i saw a lactation consultant on day 5 because i didn’t think my milk had come in yet and baby was losing weight quickly, etc. turns out my milk had come in, i just didn’t have a lot. and by a lot, i mean not nearly enough to feed my baby. i just wish someone had told me there was a chance of this happening because i fully intended to breastfeed exclusively. and now we’re formula feeding exclusively. but WHATEVER happens, all that matters is having a healthy, happy baby. and your love of that baby is what guarantees it – not the type of food : )

  8. I am so sorry you’re struggling right now. I feel like my struggles with bf-ing robbed me of enjoying my newborn fully! All I can say is that I’m here if you need some support. I took three different herbs and drank the tea to help increase my supply. it did work, just not enough. I know how hard the nurse/bottle feed/pump schedule is! Just know that whatever breast milk you give him is great! You are not a bad mother if bf-ing doesn’t work and you are not alone. I hope it gets easier for you! Congrats on your Little Man!!!

  9. Congratulations!!! I just read your last post… he’s such a sweetheart!! So glad everything worked out well. Breastfeeding sounds like quite the process, but hang in there… I bet you’ll be a pro in no time!


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