Quick results update

I’ve been working from home the last two days.  Still haven’t sorted everything out, but I’m getting hours in so that is good.  I am going to specifically ask the ob when I see him tomorrow afternoon about working from home and see what he says.  I’m having trouble with getting work done and knowing I’m not getting all my hours in, but also knowing that I need to lie down.  Though I just woke up from an hour nap so that was good.  My brain is foggy.  I hope it wakes up soon so I can get a couple of more hours of work in.

I got three pieces of good data today.  1) I weigh myself every week and keep a spreadsheet.  I lost three pounds this week.  The last two weeks it has been going up and up fast.  I’m hoping this weight loss means I’m taking it easy more so I’m swelling less and holding less water.  2) I called my ob’s office and she said I am gbs negative so yea for that.  3) She also said my pee came back fine so no issues with that.  So hopefully with no protein in my pee and swelling less my bp will be down and I will be able to keep little man in for a bit longer.

I will update more tomorrow afternoon after my ob appointment.



  1. All good news! Congrats.

  2. Sounds like things are going much better for you which is great to hear. Good luck with your OB appointment tomorrow. Take it easy, Moonie xx

  3. FCblacksheep

    All sounds good. Curious to hear the doctor’s reaction to the working from home. Good luck tomorrow!

  4. great news! I also had high bp at the end & was put out of work a month early. I never had pre-eclampsia but ended up with an early induction because of the bp. All still went well with a healthy baby, so no worries! Take care of yourself & that little turtle 🙂

  5. All wonderful news! Good luck at your appointment – keep us posted!

  6. Awesome news!! Keep your feet up, Mama! xoxo

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